An Open Letter To Raja Idris Kamarudin

As we all know, the Saudi Shariah law requires that punishment of theft is by chopping the hand(s) of (or off) the thief. 


Dear YM Raja Idris,

1. Kudos to you now that you have almost completed your mission of sorting out and transferring back the title of the property to the rightful owner, KDEB. But then, we the people want you to stay in Makkah for another mission.

2. The Mission
As we all know, the Saudi Shariah law requires that punishment of theft is by chopping the hand(s) of (or off) the thief. We also know that earlier on, the property was under Khir Toyol’s name who is not the rightful owner of the property. He bought the property using KDEB’s money which is not his money. In other words, he stole KDEB’s money for his own personal gratification. Since this transaction of buying the property using stolen money was done in Makkah, then the Saudi prosecutor would be able to pick up this case and charge Khir Toyol of stealing money for his own personal gain.

3. Rental money
Now, let’s move to another charge that the Saudi Prosecutor could heap on him. Since the property was under his name for a few years, it means all rental charges of people using the property would go to his bank account. Isn’t that tantamount to “stealing” also? If so, get the Saudi Prosecutor to charge him for stealing rental money from the rightful owner (KDEB). I am sure you can find out records of rental invoices, cash books, bank accounts, etc.

4. Our hope
Since the so called UMNO’s “Islamic” country of Malaysia only gave Khir Toyol a slap on the wrist for stealing millions of RM from the people, we would like to see justice being done elsewhere on this same thief. We have no hope justice could be done in UMNO’s Islamic Malaysia especially if the thieves or robbers are of their same UMNO kind. Hence, we would appreciate very much if you could provide all the evidence to the Saudi Prosecutor of Khir Toyol’s thieving activity in Makkah. This is the sentiment of the people, and I believe most people who read this letter would agree with me. Just as a few days ago when news from Paris came to us that the Scorpene thieves would be prosecuted in France, we would like to see the thief of Makkah properties be prosecuted too in Saudi Arabia.

And please, YM Raja Idris, it is not that we want to see his filthy hands being chopped off (although this is up to the Saudi’s court if they think this is the appropriate punishment fit for the crime), what we want to see is justice being seen and done!

May we have your initiative and commitment on this, please?

Thank you.