Raja Idris’s response to Malaysia Today

Dear Abang Petra,

Your article on the 2 units of apartments in Makkah was very timely, in the sense that I am currently in Makkah performing my umrah with my family (not paid by KDEB), and am now staying in the apartments belonging to KDEB, to view firsthand the condition of the apartments and also to discuss with the developer and other friends of mine in Saudi, for the intended sale of the 2 units.

The general condition of the units are OK, except that there are signs that the units have been used, as there are a few cups and saucers and a water boiler. Also, there is an ihram that has been left behind. The beds have sheets and covers. There is also an ashtray with cigarette ashes still inside it.

YAB Tan Sri Khalid has asked me to look into selling these units to recover KDEB’s “investment”.

I remember when I was heading TDM Berhad, during the time PAS was ruling Terengganu, TDM took a 5-year lease in a 108 room hotel in Makkah at a cost of only RM 3.5 million per year, to assist rakyat Terengganu and Malaysians to have affordable accommodations in Makkah for their umrah trips.

The hotel was called Darul Iman Palace (following Terengganu Darul Iman) and was officiated by our cousin, DYMM Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, the Sultan of Terengganu.

During the official opening ceremony the hotel was packed full of rakyat Terengganu, to not only perform their umrah, but also to honour their Sultan.

I suppose this is the difference between PAS in Terengganu and UMNO in Selangor.

PAS leased the hotel for the rakyat, UMNO leased the luxury apartments for personal use.

By the way, TDM just paid the first year’s lease rental, thereafter, it was self-financing, with a profit of about RM1 million, on top of it.


Your brother