Anwar’s War Against Free Speech: First RPK, Now Rushdie


What does Anwar think he is doing? The Voice of Democracy sounds more like the Voice of Censorship these days. First he bars RPK from appearing on a Wikileaks panel alongside himself and Julian Assange. Now, we hear that Anwar Ibrahim has objected to author Salman Rushdie appearing alongside him at the India Today Conclave in New Delhi, where Anwar went to attack Dr M and make himself look like a martyr again.

On the Wikileaks caper we have yet to hear Anwar come forward, say something to explain himself, and answer Raja Petra’s revelations.

On the Salman Rushdie controversy, Anwar the advocate of free speech called the author’s presence in New Delhi “unnecessary.” He tweeted his decision not to attend the forum in New Delhi in protest but later changed his mind and addressed the gathering anyway.

Mr. Rushdie said those politicians such as Anwar who were protesting him were “dumb and depressing.” The politicians were “running when no one says ‘Boo,’ ” he said, “and that’s what we used to call in the old days cowardice.”

During Anwar’s speech he emphasised free expression and claimed greatness lies in total commitment to free expression.

Somewhere Rushdie was watching the livestream of the event and chuckling over the hypocrisy of it all. On one hand, Anwar espouses free speech while on the other, he condemns Rushdie’s right to free speech.

Whatever his reasons, Anwar is not looking good after two attempts at censorship in two days. First RPK, now Rushdie.