The Muslim World, Jews, Palestinians and World Peace

It is not uncommon that Muslims around the world chanting anti-US, anti-Israel, anti-Jews slogans on street, but how often have we seen global Muslim protest against forced child labor, human rights abuses, corruption and crime against humanity? 

Satan is very happy when the descendants of Ibrahim (Abraham) destroying and killing each other…

Benjamin Loi

I know the article I am going to write is highly sensitive and it is unavoidable that certain quarters will accuse me of demeaning the Islamic faith, but I am determined to let my conscience guide me as I use every single word to tell the truth and I believe only the truth will set me and my Muslim friends free.

I came across many blogs and websites condemning Israel and the Jews, this unified global Muslim movement against Zionism is not just a recent phenomenon, it started nearly 60 years ago, the fate of Palestinians has not changed much and we have witnessed the clashes between terrorists group Hamas and Palestinian Authority over the past few years. The Jews and Palestinians problem should be a political issue, unfortunately, religion has conveniently been dragged into into the Israel-Palestine conflict, and nearly all Muslims around the world have been told or taught to support the Palestinian struggle, the demonization of Jews has seemed to become an integral part of Muslim global propaganda.

When we talk about the plight of Palestinians, how many Muslims have ever spared a thought for the hundred of thousand Shiite Muslims who were brutally killed in Iraq during the rule of Saddam Hussein? How many Muslims ever voice out against the corrupt and tyrannical Muslim regimes in Africa, Middle-east and Asia which have adversely brought their countries and people into destruction? How many Muslims in the world are ready to fight for justice and well-being of the Muslims in Nigeria, Sudan, Iran,Iraq,Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mali and many other Muslim countries where Muslim children are deprived of food, shelter and education. The past Taleban regime in Afghanistan could spend a huge amount of money for weaponry when the children in the country were seriously suffering from starvation and malnutrition.

As I mentioned in my other article, my Iranian friend father was forced to fight the Iran-Iraq war and he got killed, his mother had to single-handedly brought him and his brother up and they waited for 7 years to come to Canada as refugees,their family faced systematic intimidation while waiting to leave Iran. Or we just look at our neighbouring country Indonesia, I couldn’t believe until I saw it with my own eyes that many children in Indonesia are suffering from malnutrition and many are forced to drop out of primary school because of family financial constraint! Muslims around the world just keep mum on the corruption and atrocities by Muslim regimes in Africa, Middle-east and Asia. But they can easily be provoked by something seemingly innocuous!

As many Jihadists have claimed, the US and Jews, etc are root-cause of the Muslim problems, they don’t want to recognize the fact that corruption and poor management of the country are the real problem causing the suffering of Muslims. So it is not uncommon that Muslims around the world chanting anti-US, anti-Israel, anti-Jews slogans on street, but how often have we seen global Muslim protest against forced child labor, human rights abuses, corruption and crime against humanity?

When Saddam Hussein launched his “ethnic-cleansing” campaign against the Muslim Kurds in northern Iraq, how many Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other Muslim countries went on street to burn Saddam Hussein effigy? There was a total 28 Muslims died in various Muslim countries–Pakistan, Nigeria,etc while violently protesting against a Danish cartoon which allegedly insulted a Prophet of Islam. I categorically condemn the drawing of Danish cartoon that’s insulted Islamic faith, a cartoon could cost 28 Muslim lives! A cartoon could “draw” few million of protesters around the world…

I mentioned it before in another article that if CNN or BBC documentary producer was to conclude that the Mother of Jesus was not a virgin as it is scientifically and physiologically impossible for Mary to give birth to Jesus without having pre-marital sex, you won’t see Christians threatening to kill the documentary producer or staging global Christian demonstration or protest. Christianity has remained unscathed in spite of the annual TV documentaries casting doubt on the virgin birth of Jesus. Watch CNN or BBC documentaries before Christmas season every year…
Let’s come back to the Jews and Palestinians issues:
1.Jews, Palestinians and Arabians are descendants of Ibrahim (Abraham).
2.Therefore,Muslims and the Jews forefathers were from the same place in Arabian Peninsula (as Jews and Muslims acknowledge Adam and Eve are their ancestors, unlike those who believe that their ancestors were monkey or orang hutan).
3.Hence, it is undeniable and indisputable that Israel (the location) is also the homeland for Jews.
3.There are less 14 million Jews in the world (about 0.2% of world population).
4.Israel population stands at 7.2 Million (2008),of which Jews=5.4 million, Arab (including Palestinian)=1.5 million, Other=0.2 million
5.The size of Israel is 20991 sq KM (about the size of Johor)
6.The size of Israel accounts for about 3% of land in the entire Arabian Peninsula.
7.The total Palestinian population worldwide is estimated 10 million people.
8.Roughly half of all Palestinians continue to live in Israel, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.
9.The other half, many of whom are refugees, live elsewhere around the world and comprise what is known as the Palestinian diaspora.
10.Palestinian diaspora in Jordan,Lebanon, Syria,Egypt have not got any better than their counterparts in Israel, most of them are unemployed and left unattended in those countries.
11.Many Palestinians are hoping to seek employment in Israel and Israel had granted considerable number of work permits to Palestinians before year 2000, 125,000 Palestinians working in Israel and the number reflected over 25% of the entire Palestinian workforce.
12.In 2002, Israeli security concerns reduced the number of Palestinian work permits to 7,532, leaving over 110,000 Palestinians unemployed.
13. Since 2002, the number of work permits issued has depended on the political climate and have gone up and down, though never returning to the natural rate of employment before year 2000.
14.For example, in 2004 the Israeli government issued 33,386 work permits to Palestinians employed in Israel, Israeli controlled industrial zones, and the Israeli settlements, but this number has recently dropped again.
15. Many Palestinians work illegally in Israel.
16. If Jews and Palestinians can reconcile and put their differences aside, it is to the benefits of Jews and Palestinians, more Palestinians will be able to gain employment in Israel and Israel can attain higher economic growth, however, would Muslim world want it to happen?

In spite of global Muslim movement screaming and crying to rescue the Palestinians, the Super-rich oil-producing Muslim countries haven’t done much to help them, countries like Syria,Lebanon and Jordon are shunning Palestinians when they are in need of help in healthcare, education and employment, etc.
1. There are about 1.5 billion Muslims around the world.
2.There are more Muslims (about 6 Million) than Jews in the US.
3.Jews were almost completely exterminated during the Holocaust in the 30s and 40s.
4.Out of 750 Nobel Prize Winners, about 180 are Jews.
5.China, a country with 1.5 billion population, is dependent on Israel for technology transfer.
5. According to Dr. Mahathir, the Jews rule the world by proxy.
6. Muslims ought to think deeply what’s made Jews invincible.
7. It is possible for 1500000000 Muslims around the world who can outperform, outshine and outmanoeuvre 14000000 Jews and rule the world directly without proxy.
8. Instead of confrontation, Muslims around the world should encourage the reconciliation and cooperation between Palestine and Israel.
9. But some Muslim/Islamic countries won’t want to see it happen! Countries like Syria, Libya, Lebanon might lose it political direction when Palestinians and Jews embrace one another and Jihadists in other countries may lose their job.
10. Both Jews and Muslims have many similarities and in fact it is much easier for Muslims and Jews to embrace each other culture and custom.
11. What has made Jews strong is education, education, education, and their emphasis on education!
12. The determined pursuit of education,science,technology, business knowledge etc is the only way to enhance one’s employability and competitiveness, lack of it has caused some Muslims (especially those who love to wage Holy war on “imaginary” demons) to withdraw from this life and fancy life hereafer.
13. Look at Muslims in Southern Thailand and Philippine, we know what they are up to and religion is merely a camouflage for them to fulfil their personal political ambition and create trouble.
14. When they achieve power, they will use power to torture and suppress more Muslims, Muslims in in Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan and Iraq have suffered enough!
15. Just think why hundred of thousand of Muslims want to flee the countries like Afghanistan,Iran,Sudan,etc?
16. Why they dream of going to the “demonized” countries like US, Australia, Germany,Canada, etc? why?

The problem we face today is that many Muslim leaders in Muslim/Islamic countries have failed to live up the true spirit of Islamic faith, instead of following the commandments of Allah, they allow corruption and personal interests to destroy their countries! They are using Israel, Jews or other trivial issues to divert the attention of the people, so they can cover their weaknesses; they are trained and “specialized” in finding scapegoat and spewing racist remarks! One good example: In 1997, Our former Prime Minister Dr.Mahathir blamed George Soros for financial crisis and accused George Soros of being involved in international conspiracy. Anyway, both of them have since reconciled.

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