‘Muslims don’t understand their own religion’

National Inter-faith committee member Dr Mohammad Nawar Ariffin believes there is a lot of ‘confusion’ over Islam and the ‘quality of Muslims have begun to deteriorate.’

(Free Malaysia Today) – The quality of Muslims in the country have deteriorated and younger Muslims have lost sight of the ‘original ways’ of their forefathers, said Malaysian Assembly of Mosque Youth chairman Dr Mohammad Nawar Ariffin yesterday.

“Who are the Muslims? If you study the history of Malaysia. Why have we lost the generation that can mingle together regardless of religion?

“I see the quality of Muslims have started to deteriorate. We have deviated. It is very dangerous. I do not want to start the blame game. But I just want us to see our humanity and love again,” said the orthopedic surgeon, who is also member of a national inter-faith committee that reports to the Prime Minister’s Department.

“In those days, because of the understanding of the religion, my father and his father actually did wonderful things to understand others.

“If everyone of us in Malaysia do not protect Islam then we will be in trouble.”

“Now we have a different understanding of Islam. We have a lot of confusion of Islam. That is why they cannot understand the non-Muslims. We can only expect disaster. Let’s bring back the original Islam.

“Now we think in terms of ‘you are less religious, we are more religious’. We are the majority, you are the minority, let’s not do all that because that is not the original teachings,” said Mohammad Nawar during a public forum entitled “Religion and Unity in a Multi-ethnic Society” organised by MCA think-thank INSAP.

Confused Muslims

Mohammad Nawar said that many Muslims don’t even understand their own religion and some who claim to speak for the religion contradict each other.