The ignored truths to Altantuya’s murder

J. D. Lovrenciear

After all these years of waiting for the satisfactory resolve of the brutal murder of the Mongolian citizen in Malaysia, the justice panned out by the Malaysian court is still not accepted by the public. Both Malaysians and concerned citizens the world over have expressed shock at the verdict.

Leaving aside all jurisprudence for a moment, let us just take a look at what the public has been questioning all these while and yet only getting a deafening silence from the institutions and authorities – including the nation’s leadership.
The most prized questions are:
1.       Immigration Records: Who ordered the removal of Altantuya’s entry and egress records? Who actually sat there before the system and erased the records and why? And what was the motive for this act?
2.       C4 Explosives: Who released this military grade explosive that is safeguarded under strict SOPs? Who gave the orders for the release of this explosive? What was the motive for using this explosive-of-total-annihilation and not any other weapon?
3.       The killers: Who gave the command to carry out the heinous murder that saw the victim being reduced to nothingness literally? What was the motive behind this determined effort to completely remove any trace of human flesh and hamper any potential forensic investigations that could establish detailed information like was the victim also pregnant and if so what are the DNA and genetic origins?
4.       Text messaging to Razak Baginda by PM: Why is the PM not being investigated to help establish what was the motive and the implications of the PM’s text messages to Razak Baginda? Why are there no initiatives to conduct a thorough court examination to help establish the PM’s motive and/or to clear him of any unfounded allegations?

5.       Deafening silence: Why is the government – particularly the top leadership not taking this case seriously and making attempts to address the above four concerns that not only Malaysians but citizens around the world too are asking? Why the deafening silence and ignoring of the issues when the case involves citizens of two nations and has global interest?
6.   National secuity: The way this fragile, unarmed, lone female was demolished is being questioned. People want to know was there a security threat to public safety, national position or public property? Was she in the likes of a terrorist who was about to carry out a deadly act in the likes of 9/11 that it needed a speedy and complete annihilation from the face of the earth? What was the motive for this strategy to be employed in finishing-off poor mother-and-daughter Altantuya?

The BN-led government cannot pretend to ignore or sideline the above questions any longer. If BN leaders continue to ignore addressing these concerns it will have far reaching consequences not only to the nation’s global image and reputation but more importantly, it will have tremendous impact on the future life-line of BN rule.

Beware too of history down the future.
Whether BN leaders believe it or not, this gruesome murder will have pivotal impact on the GE-13 too. Whatever elections strategies that politicians may develop and take comfort in, they must remember one painful truth: the nature and circumstances surrounding the murder of the Mongolian lady and the way the case has been dragged through the courts makes this heinous crime of global interest and pierces the hearts of God-fearing souls and caring humanity in and outside Malaysia.
Hence, it is best that the Prime Minister himself takes the bull by the horn and summons a no-holds-barred re-investigation of the case.
But because his and his spouse’s name is also implicated, it would be even more in his favor for him to step down until the case is resolved and his non-involvement is cleared.
For the good of the BN party; for the good of the Constitutional Monarchy; for the good of the Palace of Justice; for the good of the country’s image and reputation – for the good of all these and many more considerations, the murder of Altantuya must be addressed without fear or favor.
The singular truth is: anyone and everyone who is guilty of involvement and all those who are indifferent or refuse to blow the whistle are guilty of treason to this nation. Period.