Najib’s Birthday Party Was Billed Under PMO’s Account, Claims PKR

rafizi_ramli_3-14-12(Malaysian Digest) – Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) strategic director Rafizi Ramli today claimed that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s birthday party on June 24 last year was billed to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Rafizi (pic) said the event which took place at Sri Perdana, Putrajaya has cost the department RM79,053 for around 100 guests.

“The matter has caused further confusion over the public and personal use of the (PMO) department. According to the Banquent Event Order (BEO) from Shangri-La Hotel, the bill was not only addressed to the PMO but was also billed under the PMO’s account,” said Rafizi.

“The question is why the event spending was billed under the PMO’s account?” he asked.

Rafizi said it is not wrong if the bill was only addressed to the PMO but the question is why the PMO’s account was also used.

“Since the event is Najib’s private event, then it should come in his personal account,” he added.

“Najib need to clarify this matter and state clearly if he used his own personal money for the event,” he said.

Last week Rafizi revealed documents which he claimed proved that the Najib had misappropriated public funds amounting to RM409,767 for his daughter’s engagement ceremony in June 17 last year.

He said the matter disclosed is not something trivial even if the amount is RM409,767 because it represents the government’s complacency which he says is rampant from the prime minister down to the ministers whereby public money is used for personal luxuries.

“With this extent of exposures involving ministers and deputy ministers, we feel it was time to set up a royal commission to investigate abuses of public funds by the prime minister, ministers and deputy ministers who have been exposed so far,” said Rafizi.