Maybe RR should look into the mirror!


After the Shangri la clarification on who paid the bill for PM daughter engagement, RR made an about turn from accusing that PMO paying for the engagement to the fact that PM abuse his position for using his office to organize the event. I agree that it is an abuse of power and position and being a country leader it does not augur well for him. He should not have done. On the same token let us look at RR and see whether he abuses his position.

In Selangor, the PR government set up the Office of State Economic Advisor (OSEA) and RR is the CEO. Apart from Anwar, I don’t know if there is any other advisor. It was reported that Anwar gets RM1 for the appointment but no one has disclosed how much money has Anwar spend on travel and lodging expenses. There are also questions on the need to have a CEO and several office staff to manage one Advisor. The question that one should ask is what are the contributions of the OSEA to SSG? Has they developed a short; medium and long term plan for Selangor? What are these plans, if there is any? How often is RR is in the office and how often he uses his office time to play politics? I wonder how often he uses his office computers and sought his staff assistance in preparing political brief.