‘PKR rule will be worse than Umno-BN’

If Anwar Ibrahim is serious about viewing Sabah as an ‘equal partner’ then he must allow the local parties to determine their fate in the next election

(Free Malaysia Today) – If Pakatan Rakyat came to power, will Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim continue to treat Sabah as one of the 13 states or will it allow the state self-rule?

Posing this question, a disillusioned former Sepanggar division leader, Felix Sitaun, said the Malaysia Agreement had promised Sabah self-rule and at this presence point it was an issue of grave concern for Sabahans.

“If PR (Pakatan) comes to power will Anwar continue to treat Sabah as one of the 13 states like Umno is treating Sabah now?

“I can see that if PKR rules Sabah, it will be even worse that the present Umno-BN state government,” he said adding that PKR’s constitution and rules require that if it ruled the country, all local appointments must be made from Kuala Lumpur.

Sitaun, who recently joined Jeffrey Kitingan’s STAR party was responding to his successor Timothy Thomas Lim who had alleged that STAR  cannot implement the 7-Point Borneo Agenda.

He said that by saying this Lim was implying that Sabah should continue to be a colony of Malaya, and that he is not interested to fight for Sabah rights.

“I would like to ask Lim how Sabah PKR leaders can claim to fight for Sabah rights when the party they represent is a peninsular party.

“And where is the rationale for choosing a PKR-led state government which will be more autocratic than Umno?”

“Timothy should accept that nobody can help us except we the people of Sabah themselves.

Better without peninsular parties

“We have to fight for our rights all the way to the end even if we have to go to the international court of justice.

“Remember Malaya will promise everything but remember what happened to the promises made in the Malaysia Agreement.