Please Respect SAM and CAP View on Mega Infrastructure Projects in Penang


Public discourse on governance issues related to the Penang state government, especially Dap leaders, has been attracting worrying and often rude responses from hardcore Pakatan/Dap supporters. Some of the responses had resorted to unbecoming name calling, racism and illogical argument.

Recently, two NGOs – Sahabat Alam Malaysia and Consumers Association of Penang – both led by veteran activist SM Mohamed Idris had questioned the “transparency and openness” of the state government, claiming it lacked public consultation on planned infrastructure projects.

To be fair to SM Mohamed Idris, his complaint is reasonable and important. The NGOs had merely asked the state government to hold back the announcement of these huge infrastructure projects until the Transport Master Plan is being tabled. Like it or not, Penang’s traffic congestion has been one of the major turnoffs to residents and visitors.

Previously in the Opposition, some DAP leaders had been critical of major highway projects such as PORR. The construction of these projects will not only burden motorists with unnecessary toll charges but also an anti-thesis to the efforts to find viable and permanent solutions to Penang’s public transport woes.

Here’s what the NGOs said: