PAS: Zaid’s Kota Baru bid futile

The Kita chief’s decision to contest in Kota Baru in the next election isn’t worrying anyone, especially not PAS.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Two days ago, Kita president Zaid Ibrahim roared that he would take Kota Baru in the next general election. But Kota Baru’s current MP (PAS) Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah isn’t worried.

In fact, Zaid’s decision to contest will hurt Umno more than it will hurt PAS, he said.

“The political situation in Kota Baru is quite different from before,” Wan Rahim said, referring to Zaid’s reign as the area’s MP from 2004 to 2008.

Back then, Zaid was still an Umno party member. Although dropped as a candidate in the 2008 general election, Zaid was later appointed senator and made law minister by former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“If Zaid comes in [to contest Kota Baru], it will be a pity for BN. It won’t affect PAS, even if it’s going to be a three-cornered fight,” the PAS MP said calmly.

FMT previously reported that Zaid claimed that he had done a lot of grassroots work in Kota Baru, and that neither PAS nor Umno had been “doing a great job there”.

Wan Rahim did not appear to be troubled with the Kita chief’s boasts. Referring to Zaid, he said: “Well, he’s not staying in Kota Baru. He’s staying in Kuala Lumpur.”

Self-proclaimed Kita president Zamil Ibrahim, however, was less nonchalant about Zaid’s announcement.

He said that Zaid would not win in any constituency, no matter where he contested.

“He (Zaid) is not fit to contest, not just in Kota Baru, but in any seat. Malaysians are not stupid voters, they will see who is worth choosing.”

“Because of what happened in the last two to three months, should Zaid (choose to) contest anywhere, he will lose his deposit,” said a very angry Zamil, who is also Kita Kedah state chief.