PAS should respect Kedah state constitution

The formation of a steering committee goes against the state constitution and would indirectly take over the powers of the mentri besar.

(Free Malaysia Today) – The formation of a steering committee by PAS that can even censor the menteri besar is unconstitutional, according to the Kedah Gerakan youth.

The youth chief Tan Keng Liang warned that the committee would indirectly take over the powers of the current Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak.

“The state constitution does not allow this and the menteri besar appointment was consented by the Sultan of Kedah in accordance of the state constitution,’’ he said.

“PAS should respect the constitution and not form a body or panel that would circumvent the function of the menteri besar,” said Tan in a statement.

He was referring to press reports on a PAS steering committee that would have powers to censor any of Azizan’s decisions.

The steering committee was among resolutions agreed to by Azizan, his arch-rival Pengkalan Kundor assemblyman Phahrolrazi Zawawi and party’s central committee to end the on-going power struggle in Kedah PAS.

Phahrolrazi claimed that the committee was an ombudsman of sorts, but it had powers to veto the menteri besar’s decision.