Curtain Call for “Reluctant Politician” Ku Li?

Khoo Kay Peng

Sixteen grassroots Umno leaders in the parliamentary constituency of Gua Musang have urged their long-term MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah not to defend his seat in the coming general election.

They  claimed that Tengku Razaleigh no longer had an influence, both at the divisional and federal levels, and that the former finance minister seemed to have lost his stand on Umno and the BN.

“We, as leaders at the grassroots level, sometimes feel ashamed and sad over the statements made by Tengku Razaleigh, as they are in support of the opposition, especially on the issue of the Kelantan oil royalty and the Felda listing on Bursa Malaysia,” he said.

Division leader Ab Aziz Mohamad described Ku Li as only putting forward his own personal struggle to seek for posts within the government or Umno, and was not concerned about the problems of the people, especially those in Gua Musang and the Kesedar settlers.

Like it or not, a number of us may hold similar perception of Ku Li. He gave me a perception that he is only interested to become the President of UMNO and Prime Minister of Malaysia. However, I do not share the view of Umno grassroots leaders in Gua Musang. There’s definitely a revolt within the division, with the authorization of Umno top brass, to retire Ku Li for speaking up against them on several issues.

I have a problem with him for his lack of political stand and direction. He should know that the post of Umno president is far beyond his reach if he cannot muster the same courage at playing dirty politics. He does not have the stomach for it.
On the other side, he continue to speak up sporadically on several issues but achieve very little if he does not take his struggle to the main street. 
If Ku Li is only interested in giving lectures, he should know that this is a last curtain call for him. Umno does not want to risk having a semi-rebel and a holier-than-thou elected member of parliament in the next sitting.