J. Ong

Friends and Countrymen,

Very recently, in fact over the last few days, Malaysians have been entertained to a spat of “out of the blues” smart talks by our former robber Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin.

I have been silent (not writing or commenting in Malaysia Today) for some months, but after reading the stuff coming from the sly old fox, it has prompted me to break my silence even though I have left my beloved homeland Malaysia to work overseas nearly 10 years ago. I am still a Malaysian but will not be able to play my part as citizen this coming GE13 because the Elections Commission does not give us the chance to perform this duty as citizens of Malaysia.

When Daim is diam, nothing bad will happen to Malaysia, but when he makes one single noise, you can bet your last sen that he is up to something which will further enrich himself at your expense. In order to probe into this, I made some long distance calls and sent some e-mails to my old grapevines back home in Malaysia. I have received some very interesting credible feedback which I want to share with you (and Najib, if he cares to listen).

One feedback said Daim is definitely going in for another “kill”. Those of you who are old enough will remember that whenever Daim moved, whether it was the stock market or some project investment, he would, without fail, emerge with a huge spoil (profit), and then wipe his hands, and the general public would praise him for being a smart investor with vision. Daim would then go into hibernation like a snake, and re-appear at the next opportunity (most times created by him).

Now we see some articles posted on Malaysia Today plus the “rare” (mind you) interviews he gave to China Press, Utusan Malaysia, Malay daily Mingguan Malaysia, and to top them all, in The Star online news, “Najib given an A+ for performance since last pollsNajib has performed well since the last general election“, said UMNO veteran Tun Zaim Zainuddin, and then he went on ostentatiously to advise Najib on how to win the next GE, with emphasis on Selangor, the main target of UMNO where Najib is the the party chief.

Daim is surely trying to attract Najib’s attention. Look, in his interview with Utusan. Daim said BN needs new blood to win the next GE since BN now had a “better advantage” to win compared to 2008. He then went on to boast that he was the only UMNO leader who openly predicted BN’s loss of several key states in the last election. He is making these “sound waves” to get Najib to consult him and get his advice, in return Daim will surely ask for something he wants and has now come out in the open to sing for it. This wily fox (musang) will probably get his way with Najib who is like a drowning man and will cling on to any straw. Najib is no match for this short arse and will accede to Daim’s “request”. All shorties (Napoleon, Hilter, Deng Xiao Peng, and Daim) are smart.

Now, we come to the crux of the matter. What is it that Daim the billionaire wants some more from Malaysia? Hasn’t he got enough money already to last for another 25 generations? No, he is never satisfied, not until he has robbed us dry, while his money never has come back to Malaysia for benefit of the rakyat he robbed.

My grapevine said Daim is after the last sector of the double tracking rail project from Gemas to Johor Bahru. My friend said Daim has been eying this project with greed in his eyes, don’t you know, he asked me? Daim wanted his horse, CHEC (China Harbour Engineering Corp – the company doing the Penang 2nd Bridge) or the parent company CCCC (China Communications Construction Company) to win this multi-billion ringgit project, no matter what it takes. Lately, another Daim’s new horse CRBC (China Road & Bridge Corp) appeared in the race, to prevent detection by us the ordinary Rakyat. Daim may even tell Najib to force whoever the likely winner is to cooperate and work with Daim.

Therefore, this little old man has an agenda when he appeared “out of the blues” recently. Don’t be fooled by Daim the Demon.