Mindless Malaysian Myrmidons


Often I have employed the word ‘anwarista’ in my writings, wakakaka. I don’t suppose I need to explain what it means.

I was told RPK coined up this word. I presume he must have based it on the Sandinistas of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN in Spanish), where FSLN members were called Sandinistas. Apparently the FSLN organization was named after Augusto César Sandino, the charismatic head of the Nicaraguan resistance against the USA occupation of Nicaragua in the 1930s.

Charismatic head? Wakakaka.

kaytee has in turn described anwaristas as Myrmidons, the ant-soldiers of Achilles.

In Greek mythology, the Myrmidons were known for their ferocity and blind unquestioning loyalty to their leader. Their eponymous ancestor, meaning the ancestor who gave them their name, was (naturally) King Myrmidon of Phthia, Thessaly.

The story tells us King Myrmidon was the result from an illicit sexual union, in which Almighty Zeus in the form of an ant seduced a mortal, Princess Eurymedousa of Phthia. Hence the Myrmidons were sometimes called the ant soldiers, perhaps as a reminder of the source of sperm which gave birth to their tribe.

Sex with an ant? Wakakaka. But I suppose it’s better than with a frog, wakakaka again.

However, in medieval Europe the word Myrmidon meant ‘hired ruffian’, which may not be fully applicable here wakakaka, because our mindless ‘ruffians’ are not hired but actual devotees, like Achilles’ ant soldiers.

Now, my reason for selecting the term Myrmidons to describe anwaristas had been inspired by a dictionary description of Myrmidon as “a loyal follower, especially one who executes orders without question, protest, or pity – unquestioning followers“, wakakaka.

Now, doesn’t that dictionary definition so aptly captures the very character of those mindless moronic mechanical cyborgs (cyborgs as per the notorious mindless Borgs of Star Trek movies mumbling “Resistance is futile“) wakakaka.

They are very much like low brow George ‘Dubya’ Bush, asserting their doctrine of “either you’re with us or against us”, so if you question their hero, you must be from the enemy BN – and if a Malay like Zaid*, an UMNO Trojan horse, or if like kaytee wakakaka, then a MCA paid cybertrooper earning a magnificent RM300 per month which is almost AUS $91 – wow, wakakaka (Pos Laju has been very slow because I’m still eagerly waiting to receive my first payment wakakaka).

* Zaid Ibrahim was a government minister (for Law) who resigned on principles against the use of ISA to incarcerate Teresa Kok of the DAP and a Chinese newspaper journalist, in stark contrast to someone who remained quiet like a mouse when Lim Guan Eng was unjustly incarcerated for defending the rights of an underage Malay girl.

They don’t care whether their accusations are true because they are so devoted to their hubristic Achilles wakakaka that, damn the entire world, their accusations of blokes like kaytee must be, have to be true. To them it’s not possible for a pro PAS or pro DAP person to dislike their icon, so these people must definitely be from BN.