Perkasa tells Kadir to clear allegation

He is said to be upset for not being made MAS chief

(NST) – TAN Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir has been urged to come clean over claims that he was disappointed at not being made Malaysia Airlines chairman. Perkasa information chief Ruslan Kasim said many quarters had been waiting for Kadir to clear the allegation.

“Kadir should explain his stand as there’s no smoke without fire. Is he channelling his personal grouses by making statements about the party?” he asked yesterday.

Kadir made headlines when he accused the ruling coalition of buying votes to win elections and said he did not subscribe to the same strategy.

Ruslan also said Kadir should explain if he was merely reading a script prepared by opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“Is he trying to join the opposition to kill Umno? Kadir should not be like Anwar, who was all fine when he was with Barisan Nasional but became a troublemaker when he was out of the party.”

Ruslan added that Kadir should not be too extreme.

“When he was with the party, he was all ‘loving’ but when he is troubled with something, he makes detrimental remarks.

“He should not forget that he had gained a lot from the party.”

Ruslan said Kadir had insulted the voters, especially the Kulim-Bandar Baru community, by saying that their votes could be bought with a mere RM200 to RM1,000.

“He is questioning the voters’ integrity and giving the impression that they are money-minded.”