Voting is compulsory: Pahang Mufti

(Bernama) – Voting during elections is “wajib” (compulsory), Pahang Mufti Datuk Abdul Rahman Osman said, stressing that those eligible must carry out their responsibility in order to form a government that is able to safeguard peace and the sanctity religion.

“During the Prophet’s time, his burial was temporarily postponed to appoint someone who could shoulder the responsibilities of a caliph.

“From there we can already see how important appointing a caliph is for the community to implement their next agenda to righteousness,” he told reporters here today.

He said voting is a “fardu kifayah” (compulsory upon the community) as well as a “fardu ain” (compulsory on the individual).

He said Islam did not restrict its followers from voting for non-Muslims in elections as long as it does not go against religious teachings.

“It is advised to vote for a non-Muslim if the individual is capable of assisting with Islamic development and at the same time look after the Muslim

“We Muslims must be tolerant with one another and unite,” he added.