Erykah Badu concert cancelled


The Erykah Badu concert scheduled to be held Wednesday at the KL Convention Centre has been cancelled.

The cancellation was on the grounds that it was against the guidelines of the Foreign Artiste Performance and Film Screening Central Application Agency (Puspal).

The announcement was made by Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim via Twitter.

“The Erykah Badu concert is cancelled due to it going against Puspal guidelines which touches on religious sensitivity and Malaysian cultural values,” Dr Rais tweeted.

When contacted later, he said the cancellation of the concert was justified.

“With the graphic exhibition of Allah’ on the body of the singer, it is sufficient to warrant irrefutable religious controversies from among Muslims who disdain such practice,” he said.

Dr Rais added that to proceed with such public performance would only attract bigger and more cascading difficulties “the likes of which we cannot afford to have under present circumstances”.

“Symbolism of Allah’ and Prophet Muhammad in the realm of the exhibitive entertainment is not in the order of the Ummah’s acceptance,” he said.