Badrul to sue media, JAIP deputy director

The PKR leader says his five-member legal team will haul TV3, Kosmo and the religious department’s deputy director Mohd Ghazali to court over the khalwat accusation.

(Free Malaysia Today) – PKR leader Dr Badrul Amin Baharon has vowed to sue TV3, Malay daily Kosmo and Pahang religious deparment (JAIP) deputy director Mohd Ghazali Abdul Aziz for accusing him of having committed khalwat (close proximity).

Speaking to several hundred PAS and PKR supporters in Seremban last night, Badrul said he had met with JAIP officers with his wife.

The PKR leader added that he told the JAIP officers that both his and the married woman’s (whom he was accused of committing khalwat with) statements did not contradict with each other.

“The JAIP officers accepted that we were not caught in a situation where we were ‘together’ (bedua-duaan).

“With this development, the statement of Mohd Ghazali on Sunday night that I was caught for khalwat and ‘berdua-duaan’ by JAIP officers is null. The media reports were also untrue,” he said.

“My five-member legal team will sue TV3, Kosmo and Ghazali,” he added, drawing loud cheers from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Badrul also revealed that while he was in Kuantan on Sunday, six men had approached his aide, promising to reward the latter if he betrayed his boss.