Badrul: I was beaten up, then accused of khalwat

(The Star) – Dr BADRULAMIN Bahron claimed that he was beaten up by a group of 20 men who stormed his hotel room in Kuantan early on Saturday morning before he was accused of committing khalwat with another man’s wife.

Kosmo! reported yesterday that in his blogpost on Sunday (ameno, the Selangor state government information chief described the incident as “frightening”, but strongly denied the khalwat allegation.

He claimed that the group of men was led by the husband of the woman who allegedly behaved like a gangster and assaulted him.

“After attacking me, the husband forced his wife and child out of the room. The other men only stopped beating me when the security guards arrived and stopped them.

“The men only left when several Pahang Islamic Affairs Department (JAIP) members came, but they would not let me leave the room,” he said in the blogpost.

On Sunday, Kosmo! reported that the opposition leader had been found by JAIP officers in the act of committing khalwat with the 28-year-old woman in the wee hours.

Badrulamin said when the woman contacted him on Feb 24, she sounded anxious and said she wanted to run away from home because she feared for her life.

“I advised her against that. But at 2am on Feb 25, she called me again saying that she was at the PKR Leaders Meet and Greet event in Kuantan,” he said, adding that he had known the woman and her husband for about a year, when they joined his umrah delegation.

He said the woman was in Kuantan solely to attend the event which was held from Feb 24 to 26.

“They would come to me for advice on problems with their family and marriage. My wife and I have even visited them in Rompin,” he said.

Badrulamin said that he had helped the woman and her child get accommodation at the hotel he was staying in because he felt responsible for them.