PKR leader denies caught for ‘khalwat’

Dr Badrulamin Bahron(TMI) – Selangor PKR leader Dr Badrulamin Bahron has denied allegations he had been caught for “khalwat” (close proximity) at a hotel in Kuantan yesterday, claiming instead to be a victim of a plan to “trap and embarrass me”. 

The PKR supreme council member explained in a statement last night that he was merely helping a female acquaintance claiming to be a victim of domestic violence at the time when religious officials turned up to arrest him. 

“The statement by the Pahang Islamic Religious Department (JAIP) deputy director that I was detained while committing khalwat carries no truth at all. 

“I believe this incident was a plan to trap and embarrass me,” he said. 

Badrulamin explained that the woman had first made a distress call to him on Friday, saying she wanted to run away from home as she “feared her safety”. 

He said he had advised her against it but the woman and her child later showed up unexpectedly at 2am yesterday, at the location where he was attending a two-day PKR meeting. 

“I’ve known both the husband and wife since over a year ago when the woman and her family accompanied my umrah delegation. 

“The couple has been in contact with me often, seeking advice for their family troubles, including domestic violence. In my effort to help them, my wife and I have even visited their family in Rompin,” said Badrulamin. 

He said upon seeing the woman and her child in such a state at the time, he decided to check them into a hotel room. 

But at 2.30am, he said, the woman’s husband, flanked by over 20 unknown individuals “surrounded and attacked” him. The husband then “forcefully” dragged his wife and child away. 

“The men who behaved like samsengs only stopped beating me when the authorities arrived and blocked them,” he said. 

Despite this, Badrulamin said he was still not allowed to leave the room. 

About 20 minutes later, JAIP officials arrived to detain him, he said. 

“With this explanation, I hope all parties would stop the accusations and slander against me. 

“I will not hesitate to take legal action against any party that does so,” Badrulamin said. 

He added that he has been called to aid JAIP investigations on February 27 and was ready to offer his full cooperation.