Kedah MB is not giving up without a fight

Embattled Kedah mentri besar Azizan Abdul Razak, despite his poor health, is ready to take on his tormentors.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Embattled Kedah mentri besar Azizan Abdul Razak has rolled up his sleeves and his ready to take on his tormentor, senior state executive councillor Phahrolrazi Mohd Zawawi.

Kedah Kita chairman Zamil Ibrahim says because of Azizan’s health issues people like Phahrolrazi and allegedly other state exco members Dr Ismail Salleh, Taulan Mat Rasul and Dr Hamdan Mohamed Khalib are questioning his ability to lead the state.

“ But the straight talking Azizan who does not mince words and his years in politics will be his trump card,’’ he said.

Zamil said Azizan has been the face of Kedah PAS after party president passed away some years ago.

Kedah-born and based Fadzil is credited as the leader who took PAS from a rural party into the political mainstream.

Fadzil also managed to walk the tight rope between Kelantan-led Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (spiritual leader) and Terengganu-based deputy Abdul Hadi Awang, (now the PAS president).

Zamil said Azizan has his own dictatorial style of leadership and this has unsettled Kedah PAS and some national leaders.

“Behaving and employing a dictatorial principle is unIslamic! Look at what is happening to the Middle East nations .Dictatorial regimes are being overthrown.”

And this has caused a rift within PAS.

“We can no longer fool anyone or hide things. Pakatan members know the truth. Even the Kedah state exco members from PKR, Lim Soo Nee, S. Manikumar and Tan Chow Kang @ Tan Joo Long are nursing a Grudge against the state government due to the PAS infighting.