Fate twice punished Anwar Ibrahim’s impatience

Tell me please, where in the democratic world would a party (or coalition) of 82 MPs demand the ruling party, holding 140 out of the 222 in Parliament, surrender government to it, a minor bloc, or alternatively, to hold fresh general elections?

KTemoc Konsiders

Today RPK posted an interesting topic EPISODE 12: Pak Lah was ousted because of 16th September which fit gnam gnam into my opinion of Anwar Ibrahim.

The post revealed that AAB was the collateral damage in Anwar’s 916 bid, where according to his manmanlai Gospel, 82 Pakatan MPs could stump 140 BN MPs.

Apart from the shamefully gross deformasi of blatant frogology, it would seem Anwar even had the effrontery to want to present his bizarre arguments to HM the Agong to claim control of federal parliament.

Tell me please, where in the democratic world would a party (or coalition) of 82 MPs demand the ruling party, holding 140 out of the 222 in Parliament, surrender government to it, a minor bloc, or alternatively, to hold fresh general elections?

But such was his mesmerizing mist of manmanlai malarkey that even a lawyer like sweetie Hannah Yeoh supported his 916 frogological coup d’état as a proper constitutional process. It chargined me (‘pissed me off’ would be a more succinct description), still does, that anyone, especially a DAP person, would subscribe to that sinister shameful subversion of the ballot box, which PKR in brazen double-face has frequently accused UMNO of.

Hannah Yeoh wrote: “Those who argue that the political crisis in Perak now is a taste of Pakatan Rakyat’s own medicine – a reference to Sept 16 – fail to see the key differences between the two.”

To me, both 916 and the Perak coup d’état had the same frogological stench. So okay, I admit I am one of those who failed to see the key differences. Pray enlighten me.

Hannah continuing: “When Anwar claimed to have the numbers to form the federal government, he wrote to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, requesting him to convene an emergency sitting of Parliament. This was rejected by the prime minister.”

Anwar claimed to have the numbers? What numbers? If I recall, the result of the March 2008 elections, which incidentally gave Pakatan majority rule in 5 states and denied BN its 2/3 majority, provided Pakatan 82 federal seats against AAB’s 140. I regret having to say that one of Hannah’ 3R’s, namely ‘rithmetic, was certainly most wanting. It’s just as well she studied law instead of maths or accountancy. Anyway, what next?

“The next constitutional option was to press for the dissolution of Parliament to make way for fresh elections. This too was not entertained.”

“Constitutional option”? Which political party, having won 140 seats out of a max possible of 222 would dissolve parliament for fresh elections? It would be akin to leaping down from the 14th floor of a high rise building. If dear Hannah was not mesmerized by the manmanlai mist of malarkey, pray tell me what was she suffering from? Anyway, the Tasmanian trained lawyer continued:

“Anwar exhausted every constitutional means available to him. If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, then we will be having a new government today. So, you can’t say that Najib’s coup in Perak and the Pakatan plan – Sept 16 – were one and the same.”

“If Pakatan were to act unconstitutionally and lure defections, …”? Dei my dearest sweet tangachee, what did you think 916 was about?

916 might have been an utter failure, which according to RPK was due to John Soh refusing to dole out RM300 million for an unguaranteed defection of 30 BN MPs, but it was undoubtedly undeniably indisputably gross frogology, dreamed out by Anwar Ibrahim who must have imagined he could repeat his 1994 UMNO-ish election obscenity in Sabah. In plain simple English, Anwar’s 916 was based totally on his intent to lure 30 BN MPs to defect over to Pakatan PKR.

Or, perhaps Hannah had imagined the EC came rushing up to Anwar with wonderful news that it had made a mistake in its March 08 counting in 30 federal parliamentary constituencies?

Hannah Oh Hannah! It’s one thing to be stupid (where we can then learn from it to be better persons) but it’s another to be ‘converted’ to the vile manmanlai ideology of deformasi. Power corrupts, as we witnessed in Anwar’s 916, and absolute power …? That’s what kaytee is worried about.

Every time I criticize Anwar Ibrahim (yes, I do wakakaka) I would always be criticized in turn for focusing only on Anwar and ignoring the other side, like Najib, etc.

Tell me, do I need to hentam Najib and UMNO-BN on issues such as NFC, 1Care, tolls, PKFZ, submarine commission, mysterious APC price differences, Felda Global Ventures, Terengganu Stadium Collapse, MRR2 repair, Tourism promotion bullsh*t, PSC Naval dockyard, mysterious non-accountable awards of contracts, payouts to contractors without contracts being fulfilled, crooked bridge compensation, Bank Bumi, Bank Islam, Maminco, Betting in foreign exchange futures by Bank Negara, Perwaja Steel, Valuecap Sdn. Bhd, corrupt practices including lu tolong wa – wa tolong lu-ism, racial politics, condoning arrogant overt acts of seditions by Utusan, Perkasa, BTN-ized racism by headmasters and use of books with bigoted contents, politicized police, MACC, judiciary, civil servants, muftis, AG, etc?

Everybody in Malaysia including UMNO, MCA and MIC members themselves know all about the mentioned issues. Those who gain act dunno; those who don’t make noises wakakaka; those like PAS and DAP demonstrate their outrage every day.

Sure, kaytee can add to the already tsunamic quantum of noise except of course I’d draw a line against petty puerile pathetic low grade stuff like when one shallow politician raved about how he managed to get rid of Rosmah Mansor from the honorary position of pro chancellor of a university controlled by the PKR Selangor state government – Yeah, f* earth-shaking man!

Whatever, I’ll be just adding a mere drop into an ocean of anger against UMNO-BN dodgy-ness. Why expend my valuable time on what many bloggers including top guru RPK are already doing, and with more information than I could obtain.

I’m more interested in ripping the sheepskins off wolves.

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