Najib Zig. Anwar Zag. ABU steady aja!

If PKR and you have had assist from John Soh in the past just acknowledge his help and get on with what will come tomorrow. If there is corruption in Selangor better to deal with it adequately now rather then later. 


Najib Zig. Anwar Zag. These two zig zag all over the political landscape of this nation. Two solitary leaders out in front without any challengers on the horizon just yet! Each carrying their excess baggage of moral and ethical issues and each waiting to be blind sided by inevitable revelations of their past life that will surely come as the 13th general election nears. And before you become too judgemental and blame them for their own misfortunes I think the laugh is on all of us! How could we allow only these two to be the multiple choice answer to the question of who should be our Perdana Menteri?

Twelve general elections and each time we return UMNO to power. Is that not stupidity in the extreme or are we just gluttons for punishment?

And at the 12th general elections we gave Anwar Ibrahim the mandate to …to do what? Declare that he will take over government in September 2008? Lose Perak? Get embroil in sodomy two? Host a party election that takes PKR to a new low – if that is at all possible!

We are all indeed in one hell of a cock up. And more worrying is what will come up next? Do we stay with UMNO in the hope that they have learned their lesson in humility and heed our demand for good governance? Or do we take a punt with Pakatan Rakyat and hope (hope as in the worst not happening rather than in the best happening) that they will deliver on their promise of open, responsible and accountable government?

Either way with UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat, I say that our future is too important to go on a hope and a prayer!

Some of you are insisting that we try Pakatan Rakyat for five years and if they are not what we want – throw them out? And who is going to do the throwing out? Have we not learned from the past that once entrenched in government, with all the machinery of government at their disposal, those in power will not go away quietly?

It took 23 years to we rid ourselves of this Mahathir and at what costs?

The very fabric of our society has now been irreversibly and adversely changed forever by the presence of millions of immigrants brought in by Mahathir and given citizenship not because our country would benefit from their skills and enterprise but because it was politically expedient for UMNO to do so.

Mahathir is responsible for the debilitating culture of materialism now forever embedded into our way of life. A culture that sucks the very life blood out of our people and destroys the very essence of doing honest work for a decent wage. A culture that breeds corruption and greed!

23 years of Mahathir has now reduced politics to nothing more than UMNO irresponsibly using the explosive mix of race and religion to divide and rule our country.

All the checks and balances inherent in government have been dismantled. And nothing personifies this travesty then Petronas. The financials of this national oil company that brings in billions of ringgits into our national coffers is privy only to the Prime Minister! This UMNO led Barisan Nasional government will not allow Christmas Carolling without a permit but it will allow one politician to decide how the billions that Petronas makes will be spent! What madness is this?

When not dismantled then these checks and balances have been badly compromised. The Police and the Judiciary now takes their cue from the BN government. All heads of government departments are beholden to UMNO for their livelihood. Education becomes an instrument of state – used at will to advance its racial, language and political agenda without due regard to the long term damage it will do to our young as they grapple with the reality of educating themselves amongst others whom have had the benefit of a more enlightened education system.

Nobody today doubts that if UMNO decides that it wants to stay in government indefinitely they have the means to do so with or without the loss of blood – theirs or ours!

What is different from the Malaysia a decade ago and the Malaysia of now is you and me.

We are so much different from the people that lived before us – in temperament, in knowledge and in our commitment to better ourselves and our fellow human beings from the tyranny of a government gone mad…and more empowering….we have the tools, the means and the will to do so. We can only hope that there are million of others who are also empowered and embolden to actively seek the change we all want.

I believe the numbers are there. From time to time we may bicker and we will agree to disagree. At times we do so robustly and at times discretely but our focus is similar. We all want a better life, a better future and a growing commitment to do this together as one people. This feeling of oneness makes me feel good. It gives me a feeling of possibilities.

I am not the only one thinking of ABU. Imagine having many thousands of us……if not millions….. willing for ABU to become our battle cry against UMNO. Imagine how many of us are right now powering our PC impatiently wanting to get onto the net and see what is the latest development on ABU? And those already on line are feverishly posting their comments, their messages to others and contributing their own two cents worth on ABU!

And this is happening in households, offices, educational establishments….anywhere you can power a PC in Malaysia. Each and every one of you is making your own contribution to ABU. This is why ABU is alive and well. It lives in each one of us that believes that UMNO must leave for our country to live! ABU snakes across our country from the North to the South, the East to the West…..and like a snake that seeks its prey…ABU seeks to destroy UMNO!

Let Najib and Anwar zig and zag anywhere they choose to go. We are resolute with ABU. Najib is a lost cause. UMNO even more so!

Anwar is still with us but we give him notice that he is under caution to behave and do good for Pakatan Rakyat and PKR. What good he has done for Pakatan Rakyat still gives him credence to lead from the front but for how long? He will have to see how it all goes on a day to day basis for we know not what will come after these allegations of corruption in Selangor and his proven inability to hold on to alliances with people who have extended more then their time and a considerable amount of their money to assist PKR – this time with John Soh.

We understand that politics is an expensive business in Malaysia requiring copious amount of financial ‘investments’ by people with vested interest in doing good for PKR, for our country or, more often then not, for themselves. We understand too that the cut and thrust of politics requires you at times to be devious and economical with the truth. And the times we now live in pits you against an UMNO that has deep pockets and large armies at its disposal to unleash against you and Pakatan Rakyat.

All this we understand and will make concessions for what you do to counter the might of an unrelenting adversary that is not beyond using any means at their disposal to annihilate its perceived enemies.

But understand this too. We are not UMNO. We are ABU and we will not want UMNO within ABU! Even if from today you commit yourself to ABU and everything that it entails, we will take you for your word. Fail us and you will only fail yourself! If PKR and you have had assist from John Soh in the past just acknowledge his help and get on with what will come tomorrow. If there is corruption in Selangor better to deal with it adequately now rather then later. We can forgive much but do not lie to us as UMNO has done because if you do …tiada maaf bagi mu!

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