Debate between races not beneficial: Dr M

(NST) – Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said debates between the races will not bring any benefit because each race will continue to hold on to their own stand.

“Even if we have it (debate between the races), there will not be any impact. It will make the situation worse, each race will hold on to their own stand,” he said.

He said this when approached after attending a closed-door meeting with the right-wing group, Perkasa, at the Perdana Leadership Foundation, here this afternoon.

Mahathir said his meeting with Perkasa today was to discuss various issues pertaining to the Malay race, besides presenting various problems being faced by the community including factionalism.

Meanwhile, responding to a question, Mahathir said there was no need to hold a debate (involving the Prime Minister) with the opposition head, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as Anwar’s stand on many issues was already known to all.

“He is everything to everybody, he is a chameleon, he changes colour everytime. When he is with the Indian he is Indian, when he is with Muslims he will give talks about Islam. All they are fighting for is to make him a Prime Minister that’s all,” he said.