Enough rope to talk to ghosts


They say if you give a man (or woman) enough rope, he (or she) will hang herself.

Guess this applies to Anwar Ibrahim. I am of course referring to that millstone around his neck called Israel.

But before I come to that, I want to share with you what I believe to be one of Anwar’s weaknesses (& he has several). From my observations, I believe Anwar suffers from pompous hubris. Yup, like some Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian leaders, he likes to be treated like a deva, a Brahmin, an upper class lord, one adored and waited upon by adulating supporters, fans and disciples.

To worsen his conceit, he indeed has many adulating adorers – where those in his party or strongly supporting him are called anwaristas wakakaka. They are blind as bats when it comes to Anwar. To them, bloke can do no wrong – WTF, he’s God, and thus in their fanatical devotion they pamper his conceit, and thus reinforce his hubris and love for pomposity wakakaka.

For example, during the Bersih I walk, while venerable octogenarian Pak Haji Nik Aziz and septuagenarian Lim Kit Siang marched together with thousands of participants in the rally, Anwar in true manmanlai fashion planned his presence in Bersih via a grand entrance, to arrive in a limousine just as the rally reached the palace gates, and then like a Prince, a Maharajah, Asia’s Renaissance Man, he would assume command and hand over the Bersih I letter to the Agong, of course with an address to the international (and if they are there, the domestic) press.

None of the hoi polloi stuff for His Most Exalted Excellency.

But he was cruelly frustrated in his grand entrance by the very success of Bersih I, because the huge crowd caused traffic jams and prevented his magnificent arrival in the limousine. To circumvent the traffic jam, he had to travel to the palace gates in a less than regal manner, by riding pillion to a motorcyclist wakakaka. ‘Twas sweet-sour irony for a man who dearly loved his self importance.

But there was a consolation prize, because as he arrived, dressed in a chic light jacket (totally essential for cool Malaysia wakakaka), an anwarista rushed forward to hold a brolly over His Most Majestic head. I wonder whether the brolly was a yellow one wakakaka.

Naturally such a pompous man lapped it up when the Yanks greeted his arrival (then as a Malaysian minister) in the States with a 19-gun salute. So can you blame him for imagining and self-indulgeing in what he saw as his phenomenal World standing of mega magnificent magnitude, maybe even greater than that enjoyed by Nelson Mandala when those Yanks ooh-ed and aah-ed him?

And invariably in the political powerhouse of America, many of those Yanks were Zionists. So, is it any wonder Anwar Ibrahim felt compelled to demonstrate his allegiance and buddy-ness to his American ‘friends’ in his support of Israel.

That’s a price he had to pay; that’s a price he chose to pay.