Permatang Pauh PAS Youth upset with Anwar, wants party to quit Pakatan

(Bernama) – Permatang Pauh PAS Youth chief Mohammad Hafiz Nordin said yesterday his branch was very dissapointed with the stand taken by Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to support Israel and as such, was urging PAS’ leadership to break all ties with the Pakatan opposition coalition.

Mohammad Hafiz, who is also former Penang PAS Youth chief, yesterday joined scores of Penang PAS Youth members in holding a demonstration to voice their dissatisfaction with Anwar.

They carried placards bearing the words ‘Anwar Pengkhianat’ (Anwar Traitor), ‘Singkir Anwar’ (Drop Anwar), ‘Anwar Sokong Penceroboh’ (Anwar Supports Invaders) and ‘Anwar Agen Israel’ (Anwar an Agent of Israel).

The 30-minute demonstration held after Friday prayers in front of the Sheikh Eusoff Mosque in Jalan Datuk Keramat here was also joined by members of several NGOs including Persatuan Al-Ehsan Islamiyah Malaysia, Persatuan Anak Jati Melayu Islam Negeri (PAJIM) and Perkasa.

The demonstration comes in the wake of a Wall Street Journal report in which Anwar is alleged to have said that he supported all efforts aimed at guaranteeing the security of Israel.

Mohammad Hafiz said the time had come for PAS to exit Pakatan and not be made a pawn of Anwar’s politics.

“Our stand on Israel is very clear. PAS should no longer have anything to do with a person like this (Anwar),” he said, adding that PAS’ stand on the creation of Israel was very clear in that the party deemed it to be an illegal country.