DAP committee clears Nga Kor Ming of abuse of power

(The Star) – The DAP disciplinary committee has cleared Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming of any wrong doing over allegations that he abused his power to award a contract to his wife’s tailoring firm.

Its chairman Tan Kok Wai said other than a husband-and-wife relationship between Nga and Wong Seow Ching, there was no evidence to show that Nga had exerted any influence or pressure over the awarding of the contract.

The allegation against Nga was that he had pressured councillors and Pakatan Rakyat representatives to accept his wife’s tailoring company Ethan & Elton Sdn Bhd to make their lounge suits in 2008.

Documents purportedly showing communication between a City Hall department head and mayor were also circulated on the Internet, implying that the state government had requested for the tender be awarded to Ethan & Elton.

Tan said the documents were “untrustworthy” as the former Mentri Besar as well as six other former Perak executive councillors confirmed to the committee that they had never made such proposal.

Ng Kor Ming“Other councillors that we met, two from DAP and one from PAS, comfirmed that the tender was approved without influence by anyone,” said Tan.

With other complaints filed with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission on the matter, Tan admitted that the disciplinary committee was not a statutory body to extend their investigations to the local council.

“We can only deal with it internally (within the party),” he said.

On another matter, Tan said the committee had yet to decide on complaints regarding Penang deputy chief minister II Prof P Ramasamy over the “warload” issue.