Pakatan should share power with ‘third force’

(FMT) – It’s high time Pakatan Rakyat learned to share power with Hindraf and other civil rights movements and social activists who refer to themselves as the “third force”.

Hindraf Makkal Sakti said that Pakatan should learn to share seats and power with the independent third force if it wants to triumph in the next general election.

Its national coordinator W Sambulingam said Pakatan must realise that it would not have enjoyed the last electoral successes without the effective campaigning and decisive help of the third force.

“Thus, Pakatan should be willing to cooperate and share power with the third force which truly represents the people,” he told FMT.

He called on Pakatan to do some soul-searching to recognise the contributions and sacrifices made by the third force for the coalition success in the last polls.

“Pakatan cannot do it alone. It must share the power with the third force to vote out Umno and company,” said Sambulingam.

Next week, Hindraf will organise a Hindraf- ABU forum in Buntong, Ipoh, to reach out to the Indian electorate and disseminate the ultimate message “Umno Must Go.”

This was the main reason behind Hindraf choosing Buntong, a Tamil-speaking Hindu heartland in Ipoh, as the next venue for the newly formed Hindraf-ABU team.

Sambulingam, N Ganesan, PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu, NGO Solidariti Anak-Anak Muda Malaysia leader Badrul Hisham Shaharin, or better known as Chegu Bard, ABU coordinator Haris Ibrahim will be among the main speakers at the forum.

Sambulingam urged the police to provide better protection to the forum and the crowd and stop rowdy mobs from gate-crashing.

On Jan 21, a rowdy mob, believed to sponsored by a top political party, gate-crashed and attacked those attending a Hindraf-ABU forum in Klang, causing serious injury to at least one person.