PAS firm on Bangi cinema ban

(The Star) – Bangi PAS stands firm in its decision to ban cinemas. “Why do you need to go to the cinema when you can watch movies from TV and the Internet?” said Bangi state assemblyman Dr Shafie Abu Bakar from PAS.

“We do not restrict Bangi folk from going to the cinema; they can get out of Bangi to Putrajaya and Kajang for movies.”

Dr Shafie said that it was “outsiders” (non-Bangi folk) who were pushing for cinemas in Bangi, especially politicians.

“The majority of the people in Bangi, about 97%, are Muslims. Bangi folk are religious and prefer going to religious and educational classes,” he said.

Bangi MCA chairman Law Siong Deng said PAS’ stand was backward-thinking.

“Do not impose your culture on the people here,” he said, referring to PAS imposing its views on Bangi residents, including non-Muslims.

“I’m sure many would enjoy going to the movies, especially English movies (that can be understood by everyone).”

The Star previously reported that PAS had rejected plans for a cinema in Section 15, Bangi, in connection with the launch of the Sentral@Bangi central business district which included a proposed cineplex.

“Having a cinema will lead to vice activities and there will be films not in line with Islamic and eastern values.

“We don’t want that (films) here to corrupt the minds of our young,” Dr Shafie was quoted as saying.