John Soh, the brains behind Anwar

Blogger Raja Petra claims that the low-key businessman was instrumental behind Anwar Ibrahim and PKR’s rise to power.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Raja Petra Kamarudin has claimed that low-profile businessman John Soh, who had been a strong supporter of Anwar Ibrahim since 1998, was the brains behind the opposition leader.

According to the blogger, the opposition leader had held Soh in such high regard that he created a special post for the latter in PKR as head of the party planning and development committee.

“This committee was quietly tasked with the job of overhauling the party, the setting-up of the party building and computer systems which were non-existent, changing of the party constitution, strategy planning, and even covert ops,” he said, adding that the businessman was also tasked with keeping explosive issues under control.

An open secret, Raja Petra said, was Soh’s role in turning around the Permatang Pauh by-election which paved the way for Anwar’s return to active politics following his conviction and incarceration.

“His group managed to roll out the Federal Territory Mosque Iman just in time to ensure an impressive win for Anwar,” he added in a posting on his Malaysia Today news portal.

Raja Petra said that Soh was also considered as the last resort to be sent in during times of crises when all other attempts failed.

“As seen in the Sabah peace accord, he liaised with Jeffrey Kitingan and Christina Liew after the crisis first exploded. Likewise, he was instrumental in Zaid (Ibrahim) joining the party.

“He was also instrumental in establishing the media team at Suara Keadilan and in setting up a team of cyber-troopers and bloggers,” he added, listing out numerous other efforts and strategies dished out by the business tycoon for Anwar.