An open letter to PR Leadership

PR need to come out a little bit from the same campaign of destroying conspiracy and rootless allegations. Now, PR need to move more towards how to make these people to have more faith on PR. If PR not going to provide a better Malaysia in term of earnings and comfort, the vote will go to Barisan again.

Suara Demokrasi

As far as I’ve observed, the political game of Barisan Nasional win the upcoming General Election is no longer the same. During Tun Mahathir’s time it was based on pupularity and the diffusion techniques used to eliminate rivals. These kind of behaviour can be easily traced and exposed by the opposition through online medias. Well people nowadays are also bored of such old technique.

Looking at Najib’s approach many commented that he is afraid of losing the majority in the next GE. It is true, since he is taking a lot of effort to actually gain people’s vote towards Barisan Nasional. But there are also something fishy in his moves. For my opinion Najib is playing his card in an unexpected strategy. He is now no longer just bribing the people for vote, but now he is bribing with a hidden message. A lot of programmes had been introduced  by Najib under his 1Malaysia concept, such as KR1M, MR1M and the famous BR1M. There is an hidden agenda behind all these 1M thingy.

Najib’s strategy now is to make the people become more dependant on Barisan Nasional. The same strategy used by US to control the world economy. When people becomes more dependant on Barisan Nasional, they will have the mentality where there is no hope after Barisan Nasional. Here, I am not talking about the Urban residents who are strong in their stand to support PR for change. This is now about those who are living in rural areas, who actually being brainwashed by Najib by uttering words like ” You help me, and I help you” and now since the election is near he helped many, although we know its a political gimmick. Still it will be counted for polling. Since the people becoming more dependant and loyal to the ruling coalition, PR need to change its strategy too. Or else, we might watch another downfall like the one in 2004.

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