‘We are not the enemy, BN is’

SAPP takes a swipe at reports attacking its over-zealousness in wanting to contest 40 state seats in the next general election.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Sabah Progressive Peoples Party (SAPP) maybe small when compared to national parties like DAP, PAS or PKR but it can hold its own in Sabah, said a party official today.

Taking a swipe at recent reports attacking SAPP’s ‘over-ambitious’ stand to contest 40 state seats in the next general election, party deputy president Amdee Sidek said: “SAPP wasn’t born at the eve of near polling day. Let people judge it.

“We may be small by comparison with national party but when compared with local opposition parties I’m sure some would agree that SAPP has done its fair bits over the years as an apposition.

“The biggest mistake made by these people (supporters of other oppositions mentioned), is losing sight.

“Instead of attacking the real enemy BN-Umno, these small group of people are attacking fellow opposition, and this is a wrong priority and a wasteful energy.

“Ironically, BN knows this and the oppositions don’t.”

Amdee said Sabah voters were constantly learning and are capable of identifying which opposition parties in Sabah they can rely on when time comes.

“We must give them (voters) space to think. There are sections of community that support SAPP’s struggle and we cognize this.

“If it weren’t for them we could have abandon the struggle long time ago, ” he said.

SAPP, Amdee added, had been working the ground from well before “the hoo-haa” generated by recent deriding reports of SAPP.

“Our biggest asset is our young group of budding and corrupt-free energetic leaders from all ethnic groupings in Sabah.

“We will continue to groom young leaders like this, which is essential for the future- a process of weeding the corrupt mentality,” he said.