‘Felda’s listing a ploy to fatten UMNO’s warchest’

(HARAKAH DAILY) – The controversial listing of Felda Global Venture Holding on the Bursa Malaysia in April is a ploy to prop up UMNO’s warchest, according to PAS vice president Husam Musa.

The listing, said Husam is politically motivated to fund UMNO’s machinery in the coming 13th general election.

“The goal is to increase UMNO’s political warchest to face the impending general election,” the Kelantan state exco member told a seminar recently.

Husam said the Kelantan state government would not surrender any lands presently developed by Felda to FGVH to facilitate the listing.

According to the listing plan, Felda is required to mortgage 360,000 hectares of lands under Felda Plantation to Felda Global Ventures Holding Sdn Bhd for 60 years, a move which pressure group, National Felda Settlers’ Children Association or ANAK, had warned would be disastrous for settlers.

It was understood that state land matters come under the purview of  the Menteri Besar and FGV will have to meet the MB of each state to obtain ownership of the land.

The land approved by state in Felda areas are divided into two categories, one with settler’s ownership and the other developed by Felda Plantations.

As such, Husam said the Kelantan state government was planning to takeover Felda Plantations lands to bring in new settlers.