Zaid Ibrahim’s 3 steps to redemption


MalaysiakiniZaid: I regret challenging Azmin for PKR deputy

Once reviled as an apostate (though not of Islam but) of ‘man man lai-ism’, Zaid was the very epitome of a syaitan-ish frog which came from the UMNO pits of hell to challenge the PKR consecrated Messiah and his Chosen One.

That he resigned from his position as Law Minister on principles, in a protest against UMNO minister allowing the misuse of ISA against a Chinese news media reporter and a DAP politician, didn’t mitigate for him at all since he had committed a far greater sin, in brazenly and sinfully challenging anointed Azmin Ali, Anwar’s heir apparent and destined by Providence to ascend and ascend and ascend (at least guaranteed within PKR).

To anwaristas, Zaid was also a man driven to bitterness by his loss in the Hulu Selangor by-election to a tambi novice (can’t remember his name – was it Kamal, Nathan or Hands-kissy-one?), but they fail to take into account who had contributed to his loss, such as providing UMNO with photographs of him in the Muslim indiscretion of yamseng-ing. According to RPK, the backstabber was not an UMNO or pro UMNO person but … gulp .. gasp .. no, surely not, it can’t be .. alamak … a PKR man – one who saw Zaid as a most imminent potential threat and wanted him to lose.

And they still can’t tell why Zaid has the right to be bitter, when he was sabotaged kau kau from behind by his (then) own party member.

But from the majority of the comments in the MKINI article, those who had previously reviled, condemned and excoriated him, are now effusive in their praise of him as a good repentant man, repentant in his blasphemy against the Messiah and His Chosen One. Examples of some wonderful heartfelt touchy feely comments are as follows:

For Malaysian political leader can admit own mistake is rare! It is not easy! Zaid had gain a little bit of my confidence on him! Well done! He can learn from his mistakes! A person who can admit making own mistakes will have room to improve! You know what, when I am doing my meditation, I am searching mistakes that I had made and finding a solution for it!

Bless you, inner soul searcher, though the next is probably the best:

Let’s be gracious and accept Zaid’s admission of error at face value. For all his strategic mistakes, Zaid still comes across as a reasonable man with his heart in the right place. I detect that Zaid is intelligent enough to know he has no other recourse but honesty and candour – and a willingness to apologize for his mistakes. That already places him many levels above the typical Umno leader.

many levels above the typical UMNO leader … UMNO leader only? But wait, that may well be right after all, wakakaka! … a PKR man – one who saw Zaid as a most imminent potential threat and wanted him to lose.