Stop insulting Valentine’s Day celebrants, MCA tells PAS

(The Star) – MCA has urged PAS to stop insulting Malaysians who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day and stop saying it is immoral to do so.

MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said Feb 14 was to celebrate love among couples, friends and families.

He pointed out that churches and the Manjung Used Cars Dealers Association in his Lumut parliamentary constituency honoured the event annually.

Pledging to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his friends again, Kong said: “It is a happy occasion for people to get together and strengthen their bond. PAS should not be so narrow-minded.”

In GEORGE TOWN, DAP chairman Karpal Singh said PAS’ opposition to celebrating the event was wrong.

“Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide. Any attempt to rule out activities on Valentine’s Day is an affront to human rights and freedom,” he said yesterday.