To those readers who commented in my last article by saying that it must be ABU and only ABU and nothing but ABU, never mind whatever the opposition may or may not be doing, maybe I can offer you a blanket reply as follows.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Imagine if your spouse tells you that he/she will never seek a divorce from you even if you are unfaithful to him/her and you have affairs with others.

Will you be faithful to your spouse?

Imagine if you tell your spouse that you will not seek a divorce from him/her even if he/she is unfaithful to you and he/she has affairs with others.

Will your spouse be faithful to you?

Imagine if your employer tells you that he/she will not sack you even if you steal from the company.

Will you be an honest employee when you can make easy money by dipping your fingers into the company coffer?

Imagine if your employer tells you that he/she will not sack you even if you pass company secrets to other companies.

Will you protect your company’s secrets when you can sell them for a lot of money?

Imagine if your employer tells you he/she will not sack you even if you come in late or play truant and do not come to work. In fact, you will still get your full salary.

Will you go to work on time and not skip any days whenever you feel too lazy to go to work?

Imagine if we tell our wakil rakyat we will never vote BN and will still vote ABU even if they lie, cheat, do not do what they promised, fail to perform, take bribes, commit conflict of interest, and indulge in cronyism and nepotism.

Will these wakil rakyat be honest, sincere, dedicated, hardworking and corruption-free when there is no reason to be so?

Many people, by nature, are evil, cruel, selfish, greedy, lustful, inconsiderate, etc.  So we need religion to keep them in line. They need to be made to believe in karma and that if they are good they get rewarded with heaven and if they are bad they get punished with hell.

In that same spirit, many politicians are scumbags and slime balls. They need to fear losing the election and be made to believe that only by being good will they win the election.

If we remove this fear factor, it is like telling someone that heaven and hell does not exist and he is free to rape, rob and kill, as nothing is going to happen, no punishment whatsoever, not even arrest and jail.

If that is how you want to live your life you are free to do so. But do not impose your low standards and values on me. I have higher standards and values. And harassing and stalking me by sending me hate messages and e-mails to force me to comply to your low standards and values will not work.

You can vote ABU, come hell or high water, if you wish. After all, that was what I propagated in 2008. I am not stopping you from doing that. Malaysia is a democracy so you are free to vote according to your conscience. So vote ABU if that is what you want to do.

I am going to vote according to my conscience as well. But I am going to vote ABC. And ABC means ‘Anything but Corruption’. So I will vote based on the person who is offering himself as my wakil rakyat. And if he or she meets my standards and values then he or she gets my vote.

I just hope and pray that all these people happen to be from the opposition. If not then that is not my problem. That is going to be the problem of the party that fielded them.

And this is the message we must send to those who are offering themselves as our wakil rakyat. This is also the message we must send to the parties contesting the next election.

They must be made to fear going to hell. They must also be made to fear losing the election. Only then will bad people become good. Or else bad people have no incentive to become good.

And most people are bad by nature. Principles are what they utter on their lips to deceive us. Principles are not what are in their hearts. So we need to put fear into their hearts where principles do not exist.

And if you do not understand this then you do not deserve democracy because democracy is wasted on you.