ABU : I will listen to you. Will you listen to me?


The delightful distractions of high public office and those in government, state or federal, are the preferred options of a number of our political leaders from all political divides. Not for them the onerous burden of serving the Rakyat nor do they have the discipline to do their duty to King and country. For them the good life of wine, women and song beckons. For them high public office is the means to make the good life of wine, women and song their own. The getting of material wealth takes precedence over the getting of wisdom to serve as wakil rakyat!

And this is the life most of us do aspire to live too! Do we not? A Mansion for a house. The latest Beemer or Mercs in the garage. Shopping and holidays in Europe, London or New York. An inexhaustible supply of cash in the bank! And the delightful distractions of a La Dolce Vita life style lived away from the Rakyat and your family!

We humans find it difficult to overcome our animal instincts to be the alpha male/female. In my living memory the two Tun Ismails (DPM and Bank Negara), Tan Chee Koon, Hussein Onn and possibly one or two others – I would need no more then the fingers on my right hand – could I count those Malaysian who have been able to overcome these instincts. Today…..none! What a damming indictment of what we have become!

I started today thinking what I should write to make us understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to do the things we do. While we all have our priorities in life the 13th general elections occupies our minds constantly because who forms the government after this general election will make a big difference to our future.

But how do we start to build a future that we aspire to –one that is different to this oppressive and stifling Malaysia that we now live in? How do we rid ourself of this BN government that is sucking the very life out of our people through its abuse of the political power we ourselves conferred upon them?

We must start clean. We must start with good decent people who will have our interest in mind. We must start with honesty. We are now building the foundation of our future. There must be no compromise to ensure that we do it right. If we get it wrong from the very beginning then we will never get it right ever.

Because we have endured so many abuses by this corrupt BN government many of you have come to the conclusion that we must have change at any costs. Change this bloody BN government first because anything will be better then a BN government. You are all confident that once change has been effected you will ensure that who ever is in government will do as you want them to do – govern this country in a responsible and accountable manner. Let me remind you of the reality.

We elected this BN government into power. We allowed them to be in power for 53 years. And it is only at this 13th general election that we are hoping to change them? Change them with what?

Who amongst you can tell me that you can tell any Prime Minister of this country how to govern this country?

That is the reality.

Do not talk about having an honest IGP or a Police Inspector that will do the right thing by you. You are even powerless to prevent a Traffic Cop from making his ‘duit kopi’ from you everyday of the week day in and day out!

Do you understand that once these bastards are in power you are of no significance to them until the next general election? And before the next general election comes there will be enough time for them to do what they will to ensure that they have their way with us. And who will stand in their way to stop them from doing this? Petra? Bersih? Steadyaku47? The Third Force? Mahasiswa? HUH!

Just look at us now! The most potent force against this BN government is Pakatan Rakyat with DAP, PAS and PKR all aligned against a corrupt BN government – true? Betul? Ya betul…..and how has this BN government dealt with this potential threat from PR? Macham kita tepis lalat!

This is why we need to start without any compromises because once we are prepared to accept a less then perfect leader then we are telling him that we will accept a less then perfect government. And where will that lead us to?

Look at the foundation upon which PKR has been built upon. In their haste to get candidates for the 2008 elections they compromised the selection process. Yes PKR did win the most seats in PR. Yes we denied BN their two-thirds majority. Yes we gave BN hell …but what now?

What is PKR today? A shell of what it was after its triumph at the 12th general election! As bitter a reality as it is for us to accept – PKR has failed us just as it failed itself because it made too many compromises at the very beginning and this compromises became PKR’s way of dealing with anything that came their way.

If we have learnt any lesson from this PKR debacle then when do we to start to change our way of doing things?