Umno ‘disrupted’ harmonious Malaysia

Almost every Umno government initiative is for the express purpose of widening the racial divide.

CT Ali (FMT)

Scratch the surface of any endemic problem we have in Malaysia and invariably you will see the handiwork of a Malay politician somewhere very close to the surface.

Let us look at our racial problem. As this Umno government likes to remind us – race is the most fragile and delicate of issues in this nation of ours.

We are forbidden to discuss this as to do so would compromise our nation’s security.

Is it not this very Umno government by their overt divide and rule of the people of this nation that has caused the fragmentation of a once harmonious nation?

Almost every Umno government initiative is for the express purpose of widening the racial divide.

Let me quote a recent headline in the Umno controlled New Straits Times (NST). It reads: “Govt to address Christian issues”.

The first paragraph then goes on to say: “The government will implement several measures to address the concerns of the Malaysian Christian community, relating to the appointment of principals of mission schools, teaching of Bible knowledge as an examination subject and tax-exemption status for Christian organisations”.

The question we need to ask is this: Why in the first place was it necessary to appoint a Muslim to be principal of a Christian mission school?

Answer: The Malay Umno government call the shots. They do as they please. If it upsets racial sentiments so be it. The better for this Umno government to tell the Malays that the Malays must support this Malay Umno government so that these Christian mission schools will understand who is in control of this nation.

And if, as in this case, the damage done to the chances of this Malay Umno-led government to hold on to power in the 13th general election is affected, then change the original decision.


This Malay Umno government is oblivious to the damage done to our nation by this slight upon the Catholics and what it would do to the relationship between the Christians and the Muslims.

All that matters to them is that this Malay Umno government has once again demonstrated to all and sundries that they can do as they please!

And so is born that belief that the Malays are obnoxious politicians more intent upon pushing their weight around then in ensuring we all live as one people.

So much for 1Malaysia.

Are these not also acts of criminality?

This Malay Umno-led government incarcerate Malaysians who they say are a threat to national security because these Malaysians want the right, as given under the constitution, to express their demand for free and fair elections!

And yet for themselves this same Malay Umno government do untold damage and further polarize an already widening racial divide by their action as in the appointment of a Muslim as principal of a Catholic mission school.

Again these criminal act by these Malay Umno politicians go unpunished.

So can you see why we Malays are now being lumped together with these Umno politicians because we are of the same race? Malays!

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