A tale of two (types of) loyalties


It has been some years since I heard this story from a PKR member who in turn claimed to have heard it from the horse’s mouth. Who’s the horse? Soon you will find out wakakaka.

In May 2003, during Nurul Izzah’s wedding, there was a celebration (jamuan makan?) at her parents’ place. Needless to say, the number of invited guests and visitors would have been overwhelming for the the wedding of a daughter of such a charismatic politician such as a former DPM [then jailed for, as the court found him guilty of, sodomy].

To many of his supporters he was virtually a demi-god, a King (of their hearts) so to speak, thus it was a joyous ‘royal’ occasion for his princess, the so-called Princess Reformasi, to be wedded.

The guests consisted of some invited UMNO bigwigs (though I suppose I can safety assume Dr M wasn’t one of them, wakakaka), Anwar supporters, family friends, well wishers and naturally PKR members. As the hosts anticipated hundreds if not thousands of guests, they wisely had marquees/canvas tops pitched up outside the mansion, in the garden etc.

The government (then still under the premiership of Dr M who served until end of October that year) permitted Anwar Ibrahim, who was imprisoned, to be released specifically for him to attend/host his daughter’s wedding.

My informant told me that when RPK saw the sitting of the guests and visitors, he snorted in great disgust. Now, I didn’t come by this piece of information only recently so don’t conveniently blame RPK for another round of his recent anti-Anwar bashing. As mentioned, I was told this story about 6 to 7 years ago. Besides, it wasn’t RPK who told me about it.

According to my matey, RPK cynically and sadly commented on whom Anwar Ibrahim had seated inside the mansion as ‘guests of honour’, and compared that to those who were left to their own arrangements outside his house.

My informant (reminder: an Anwarista but probably no longer) told me that was an damning indication and indictment of Anwar’s sense of loyalty to his supporters, and explained why RPK was disgusted.

I am suddenly reminded of this story when I read blogger Steadyaku47’s Change Najib with Anwar? No can do lah! today.

In the post he wrote (relevant extract only):