Illogical for DAP to Blame MCA over Perkasa White Ang Pow Packets

(Bernama) – The allegation that MCA has a connection with Perkasa is illogical as the latter had held a demonstration at the MCA headquarters here and also urged its members not to vote for MCA in the coming general election.

MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Chor Chee Heung said: “If MCA has a connection with Perkasa, why had Perkasa held a demonstration at the MCA HQ and urged its members not to vote for MCA candidates in the coming general election?
“If what Lim Guan Eng said on Tuesday was true, does it imply that whatever organisations which have urged their members to boycott DAP would have stealthily collaborated with the DAP? This is utterly a senseless claim.
“I advise Lim Guan Eng not to simply pin the blame on MCA without any good reason, otherwise it would be ridiculous,” he said in a statement issued here today.
Chor said the claim by Guan Eng that MCA was connected to Perkasa was “just simply to cover up the close relationship between the DAP and PAS” as DAP had all the while supported PAS.
The issue of MCA’s ties with Perkasa surfaced when an MCA branch chairman was spotted at a Chinese New Year open house where Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali gave out money in white envelopes, which is a taboo in Chinese culture.