RPK: There is corruption in Selangor

The controversial blogger, who claims that he is trying to save Pakatan Rakyat, vows to reveal proof and hopes that Anwar Ibrahim will act on the matter.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has alleged that there is corruption in the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government and vowed to disclose the evidence.

Following this, he expressed hope that the opposition bloc’s leader Anwar Ibrahim would act on the matter even if it meant that the heads of his close associates had to roll.

When his complaints fell on deaf ears, Raja Petra told FMT that he was forced to turn to the pro-government mainstream media to drive home the point.

“And boy, did we shake them up,” stressed the blogger, who earned fame by rattling the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition via the alternative media.

However, Raja Petra said that instead of acknowledging the problem and promising to rectify it, Pakatan chose to discredit him.

“Their reaction was ‘he has been bought, he is working for Umno’… if the best they can do is (to accuse me) of ‘mala fide’ (and) that I am out to kill Pakatan rather than save Pakatan, which is what I am trying to do, then I have to take this to the next step,” he added.

The next step, he explained, would be to furnish the evidence since Pakatan leaders had urged him to do so instead of hurling allegations.

“Sometimes, be careful what you wish for. But since this is a challenge, and people have said ‘unless you can prove your allegations with evidence, we are not going to take notice of you’…fine. This is what you want, it is not what I want, I will do what you want.

“After this (when the evidence is revealed), I hope the effect will be… that Anwar will grab the bull by the horns. And even if he has to cut off the heads of the people he loves, he will do so,” he added.

Raja Petra warned that if Anwar chose to shield those responsible, then he should be prepared to face the consequence of Pakatan losing Selangor.

Earlier, the blogger said that when he met the opposition leader in London in 2010, he had told the latter about the alleged corruption in Selangor but nothing was done about it.

Raja Petra claimed that he was alerted about the matter a year earlier by one of his whistleblowers, who was supposed to compile the evidence.

He also made a startling allegation that this whistleblower was murdered two weeks later but declined to elaborate on the incident.

“That’s another story, which we will talk about another time,” he said.