Who is passing the buck YAB Minister?

ILHAM MARZUKI, Yayasan Selangor

YAB Muhyiddin said, “As the Education Minister, I think the Selangor government is trying to pass the buck to my Ministry.” The YAB Minister has conveniently forgotten that providing education for the Rakyat is primarily the responsibility of the MoE with the RM Billion annual allocations.

On the other hand, YS receives NO GRANTS from the Government and yet it complements the MoE functions to provide direct assistance to the needy students and supports human capital development.

YS efforts are funded from the income it generates from efficient utilisation & management of its assets and business activities.

It’s not the matter of passing the buck to MOE.

It’s the responsibility of MOE to provide proper education to the students all over Malaysia without taking into consideration their political background.

Education and charity should be a non-political agenda.

We don’t choose our students base on their political background.

Everybody is treated the same.

WE ARE NOT PASSING THE BUCK TO MoE INSTEAD WE COMPLEMENT THEM (by giving the tuitions, motivational programmes, education seminars etc to the students).

Not all Foundation in Malaysia can afford to do this and Tan Sri Muhyiddin is talking to a mirror in his desperate move to wrest Selangor from PR at all costs.

YS expenses on Education:-

• Direct Students Sponsorship,

• Contribution to NGOs education program/poor Sekolah Agama,

• Study loans to Certificate/Diploma/Degree students,

These figures will be increased many fold when the ongoing assets enhancement projects are successfully implemented to provide a continuous income streams  to fund YS Education/Human Capital Program to benefit 35,000 S’gor students annually and is increasing.

Who is actually passing the buck?

You will be aware that schools such as  St John, CBN, SM Assunta and the likes are owned by Christians Missionaries.

However the operations are fully funded by MoE.

I wish to inform that MoE REJECTED our request for MoE to fully operate the proposed YS SPB just like the Mission Schools.

YS SPB would have been constructed at YS costs commencing 2010 and completed by now.

Why treat YS differently from the Missionaries?

Political expedients took precedent yet again at the expense S’gor students who lost the luxury of a SPB, a far better facility than just the Asrama Pusat!

Asrama Harian is the better abode for students than Asrama Pusat other than the comfort of their own homes because:-

• located in the school compound

• walking distance from the hostel to the classroom

• no time spent on the road

• loyalty to the alma mater as Asrama Harian is school owned

Furthermore schools outside PJ & KL including SMKA are now as good if not better than those once elite schools(VI, St John, CBN, Assunta) in all aspects.

YAB Muhyiddin  did not say why he rejected YS offer to build a SBP to house 1,500 YS students back in 2010?

Why the fuss on YS now when PRU13 is just around the corner?

Isn’t that the act of desperados who desperately want to wrest S’gor from PR at all cost?

We are doing our level best at YS to assist more S’gor students now and the years ahead.

We shall move on and ensure our efforts are not derailed by the desperate distractors who are up to no good and plain stupid.