“PBB Infighting with ABU 9″


ABU slogan which is significantly used as a rallying cry by Third Force Politicians and NGO’s is catching on in Sarawak. ABU-Asalkan Bukan Umno (Anyone But Umno)  is nothing new as its main objective is to unite the rakyat to fight against Umno.

In 2008 former PM Mahathir used it as a platform to achieve his goal as singled out by this blog,”Dr Mahathir was quoted as saying “vote anyone but Umno” when he met the Chinese association leaders and told them to support the opposition, especially in Penang, then prime minister Tun Abdullah Badawi’s home state, resulting in the opposition taking over that state.

PAS have even given its solid support as it intends to see an end to UMNO rule. One of PAS senior leader Vice President Mahfuz Omar even said ABU”This is not a merely political stage, but a movement by the rakyat… common people, vendors, housewives, goreng pisang sellers, nasi lemak sellers, all will make their stand.

ABU9 has been coined and does not need intellectual analysis to bring it down to the PBB grassroot leaders. The whole idea is also part of a bigger picture where significant HIDDEN HANDS are plotting and scheming to put their DEAR LEADER in place to take over the throne which is the CM chair.

We are getting you there don’t worry as ABU9 is very much a detailed plot. This internet blog http://hasutfitnahcuri.blogspot.com/ points to the very man who is pulling all the strings and making the CM Taib looking fearful and weakened. Another portal http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/ even wrote a very detailed article and in which we extract,”If all Dayak state assemblymen were to get together across party lines, they will be a force to be reckoned with in Sarawak .”

CM Taib is now at the mercy of the plotters and it very much points to his political survival. GREED has got the better of the plotters behind the scene as they need all the power they can amass to ensure that they are in control of the whole State and are able to bargain with their CHIPS in hand on the political negotiating table.

audie61 took pains to piece this together after one of the so-called Generals have come out openly in speaking foul of a number of the MPs in PBB . The SPDP5 and SUPP7 are part of the jigsaw.ABU9 has justs to work and it will see the end of the the Taib regime and era. The plotting team knows that  all hell will break loose in the state when Taib eventually goes.

Don’t say NO as reality is painful and the political wannabees are justs waiting for this moment.

We investigated further as the spark has been lighted..We sms/text MP Nancy Shukri from Batang Sadong constituency as she is one of the 9 being mentioned,’MORNING YB audie61  have been getting a lot of negative comments from sources in PBB n others and understand there is ABN against u.Anyone but Nancy for GE13.We meet or u prefer to dispel it with an uploaded article.let me know tks.”

MP Nancy replied,Hi Audie,thks for ur info.As far as I am concerned I just do my work less politicking but I am aware of some people who prefer to see me sitting down as a fool n consult so n so on everything so tht there is reason to change me.the best source is to go on the ground to get the report but not fr d so called IT literates.GOD KNOWS whoever does it will be paid for their own doings be it positive  or negative.I just carry on with my wrk.thks.”

Next we turn our attention to Batang Lupar MP Rohani who is presently Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism. She was elected PBB MP from 1990 and GE13 if nominated will be going into her 6th term. There has been comments ranging from her distancing herself from the grassroots to her having the ‘tidak apa” attitude and also the “terrible sickness” excuse to see her replaced.

The movement ABR-anyone but rohani is gaining momentum and grassroot leaders in the exco committee are being given “poison juices” to see an end to one of PBB’s loyal servants.

An close confidant of Rohani and a staunch ally of CM Taib was not all  too happy with all the accusations and also the plotters behind the scene talking to us over the phone towards Rohani.The aide made an effort too by taking pains to reply via sms/text to audie61:-