Arrested ‘PKR’ man may be state exco’s ex-lover

The Indonesian authorities detained the man for immigration offences.

(Free Malaysia Today) – The Indonesian authorities had arrested a person allegedly linked to PKR for immigration offences on Friday and is likely to be the ex-lover to a Selangor executive counsellor.

The man disappeared after the naked photographs of the counsellor were leaked.

The Malaysian, who was quoted by an Indonesian online news portal online as being “Azmin Helmi”, told Indonesian authorities upon his arrest that he was advised by PKR leaders to stay in the country as his “security was no longer guaranteed in Malaysia”.

“I chose to stay here (Indonesia) even though my visa had expired because the party (PKR) and my family told me to… there is a threat on me by the Malaysian government which may want to make me a political tool of those in power,” he was quoted as saying.

He also said his long stay there had been financed by the party and his family.

The Batam immigration claimed investigation had indicated that the alleged PKR member came from an address similar to Hilmi Malik’s, the ex-boyfriend of Selangor PKR executive counsellor Elizabeth Wong.

Wong was caught up in the scandal over her leaked semi-naked photos more than three years ago which she claimed was taken without her consent. She did not state if they were taken by Hilmi (main pix) but claimed she had been victimised.

The popular perception is that Hilmi had leaked the pictures out of anger over their troubled relationship but none of this had been confirmed.

The Malaysian police said his disappearance had obstructed their investigation significantly and the case remains inconclusive.

The police believe Hilmi had fled to Indonesia.