Just the tip of the iceberg (Updated with Chinese Translation)

When I am lying all alone in my bed at home and dying from the bitter cold and starvation I really don’t care two fucks about colours of envelopes or whether Muslims are leaving Islam to become Christians.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

60 Muslims arrested for gambling in Rembau

(Bernama) – REMBAU: Sixty Muslims who patronised a computerised gambling premises near Taboh Naning, here, were detained in a raid, early this morning.

Negeri Sembilan Islamic Religious Affairs Department (JHEAINS) operations unit chief Ahmad Zaki Hamzah said 41 computers and RM6,000 in cash were also seized in the raid.

He said those detained were aged between 20 and 60.

“They were taken to the Rembau district police headquarters to have their statements taken. They were then released on bail and will have to return on a specified date to help in investigation,” he said after the raid, here, today.

Ahmad Zaki said they would be charged under Section 79 (a) of the Negri Sembilan Syariah Criminal Enactment 2004 which carries a RM3,000 fine or two years jail or both.

He said four caretakers of the premises were issued with letters ordering them to turn up at the JHEAINS enforcement unit on a specified date to help in investigations on the case.

Members of the Negeri Sembilan National Security Council and police from the State Police Contingent Headquarters also took part in the operation which started at midnight and ended at 5am.


Widow goes from mosque to mosque for shelter

(The Star) – A HOMELESS woman has been staying in over 30 mosques in the Klang Valley for the past two years, reported Harian Metro.

The woman, known as Fazilah, said she had been taking shelter in mosques since her husband died in 2009, adding that it was safer than sleeping in corridors.

She said almost all the mosques in Kuala Lumpur and several government hospitals had become her “homes” at one time or another, adding that she had become used to the situation.

Fazilah, 59, said she lived like this because she had no means of getting enough money to support herself and her 34-year-old disabled son, who is being cared for by her sister.

“In my heart, Allah knows how hard it was for me to make that decision. I have been asking for alms and sheltering in mosques,” she said, adding that her four other children were also being cared for by her ex-husband.

She said she was trying to get a low-cost house from Kuala Lumpur City Hall with the RM500 aid from Baitulmal.

“Until then, I will keep wandering from mosque to mosque as being there calms my heart. However, I hope to get my own home one day because I don’t want to burden anyone,” said the former civil servant, whose squatter house was demolished in 2002 by the Selayang Munincipal Council.


Bedridden woman starves to death after hubby dies

(The Star) – A 74-YEAR-OLD bedridden woman starved to death after her husband, who had been taking care of her, collapsed and died at their home in Hong Kong, China Press reported.

The retired couple had been living alone after their son moved out. However, he would return to their home to see them once in a while.

On Tuesday, the son was shocked to find his parents dead after he came back from Taiwan.

His mother’s body was on the bed while her 76-year-old husband was found on the living room floor.

Police believed that the man had initially fainted but died without proper medical care. His wife starved to death a few days later.


Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali, Baba Ali, and all the sons and daughters of the Alis all over Malaysia are foaming at the mouth on what they allege are Christians trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. True or not, I really don’t know. But even if it is true, so what? If they no longer believe in Islam (or have become an atheist who no longer believes in God) that is their problem, not ours.

Actually, those who are Muslims by name only but are no longer Muslims at heart are not but a few. Many fall into that category. Of course, those who still believe in God and feel that Christianity is the correct religion would want to denounce Islam so that they can become Christians. Those who do not have the guts to do that, as they know it will attract controversy, and probably detention as well, quietly become Christians without telling even their closest family members.

How do you know how many Muslims have left Islam? By the couple of thousands who have applied to the National Registration Department to change their Muslim names to Christian names? By the ten or twenty who attend ‘Christian events’? Or by the millions who no longer live the adeen (lifestyle or ‘way’) of Islam?

If a Muslim is defined by his or her lifestyle, then there are a very few Muslims left in Malaysia. Islam has to be about akidah. And if you do not have akidah you are not a Muslim, never mind if you were born into a Muslim family and carry a Muslim name on your identity card. You can’t be born a Muslim. You can’t be a Muslim in name. You have to be a Muslim at heart.

And in that spirit there are very few Muslims left in Malaysia. And if I need to explain to you what a Muslim at heart means, send me your bank account details and I will send you enough money to buy a gun so that you can shoot your brains out.

I have been detained in police lockups. I have been to prison. And the people I meet inside those places are ‘Muslims’, the majority of them. Some, such as rapists, even wear white skullcaps and never miss their five-times a day prayers.

Why worry about ex-Muslims who no longer believe in Islam and wish to leave Islam or wish to become Christians? What about those ‘true’ Muslims who never miss their fasting or prayers but who violate every Islamic rule in the book?

Why are Muslims so preoccupied with numbers? This is not a numbers game. This is not about which religion can attract the most number of followers. It should be about the quality of the practitioners. And that is one thing that Islam lacks, Muslims of quality who live the adeen of Islam.

Cock fighting is a favourite pastime in the Malay-Muslim heartland of Terengganu and Kelantan. Cock fighting is basically gambling. AIDS is critical in Kelantan. The drug problem is critical in Terengganu. And so on and so forth. And the majority under detention and in prison are Malays-Muslims.

Okay, while we wait for the Malay-Islam-bashing to start, as it always does, read the other news reports above. Read about the 59-year-old Malay-Muslim woman who for almost three years has to move from mosque to mosque just to have a roof over her head.

What are those rich Malays-Muslims who live in places like Damansara, Bangsar and Taman Tun and who own RM20 million apartments in London doing about this? Why must things like this happen in today’s day and age?

Then read about an old Chinese couple in Hongkong dying without their children even knowing about it. Sure, it is Chinese culture NOT to give out money in white envelopes. Is it Chinese culture to let your parents die of starvation?

Anyway, don’t feel too bad about it. This also happens in the UK. It also happens in America. There are 100,000 homeless HOUSEHOLDS in the UK. In America it is 500,000.

We are now experiencing a very cold winter. Since yesterday we have been seeing ice in the UK. Tonight it is going to snow and we are expecting below zero temperatures. The government has just announced that many homeless people and old people living alone are going to die of cold. By this weekend the mortuaries are going to be full.

All this talk about Islam and Chinese culture disgusts me. Why not we talk about how to be good Muslims rather than how to prevent Muslims from leaving Islam? Why not we talk about how to help the homeless and old folks living alone who are going to die over the next 48 hours because they are being neglected rather than whether the envelope should be white, red, green or pink?

When I am lying all alone in my bed at home and dying from the bitter cold and starvation I really don’t care two fucks about colours of envelopes or whether Muslims are leaving Islam to become Christians.


Translated into Chinese at: http://ccliew.blogspot.com/2012/02/blog-post_9776.html