Trouble in Sungai Pelek DAP

Some members say P Sivakumar’s shortcomings as a leader resulted in violence at a meeting over Ponggal celebrations

(Free Malaysia Today) – Trouble may be brewing in Sungai Pelek DAP and it is centred on some members’ dissatisfaction with the way the party’s constituency coordinator, P Sivakumar, carries out his job.

A DAP insider belonging to the disgruntled group told FMT that Sivakumar had often allowed outsiders into party functions and this had resulted in at least one violent incident.

He said Sivakumar was often late in informing members about party activities and would rope in outsiders to shore up the crowds.

According to him, a meeting last Jan 12 was marred by a brawl between an outsider known only as Murthi and the chairman of DAP’s Pantai Sepang Putra branch, R Vellasamy.

The meeting, which Sivakumar chaired, was to appoint an official to take charge of the Ponggal celebrations.

“Over the years, it was always Vellasamy who would organise the celebration,” the insider said. “However, this year Sivakumar gave the job to Murthi, a party outsider.

“Murthi made a threat against Vellasamy and raised a chair to hurt him. Sivakumar did not defend Vellasamy and instead provided Murthi with 20 DAP shirts for the Ponggal function.”

Vellasamy confirmed that the fight took place.