‘Borneo alliance’ agreed in principle

Sabah Progressive Peoples’ Party (SAPP) asks for more time to weigh its participation in the Borneo alliance.

(Free Malaysia Today) – An inaugural meeting to form a United Borneo Alliance (UBA) succeeded only to have an “agreement in principle” as one of the participants, the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), wanted time to deliberate on it before formalising their participation.

The meeting yesterday saw the participation of representatives from three local groupings – State Reform Party (STAR), SAPP and the yet-to-be-registered Usno Baru.

It was chaired by Ismail Gimbad, 71, a former Sorob (now Kadamaian) assemblyman who is not a member of any of the parties.

Though the Sabah Peoples’ Front (SPF) was not represented, the meeting’s main proponent, Jeffrey Kitingan, who heads the Sabah chapter of STAR, considered it a success nevertheless.

“It was a successful meeting as we have agreed in principle on the concept of co-operation and alliance to face the general election.

“SAPP deputy president Amde Sidek has to brief his party supreme council first for endorsement to be part of this alliance,” Kitingan told FMT after the two hour meeting which was surprisingly shunned by the local media.

Amde, when contacted, declined to comment.

No show by BN partners

According to Kitingan, UBA is an alliance or grouping of individually registered or established organisations that wish to come together as allies or friends in the pursuit of a common cause.

“The common objective of UBA is to defeat the current Umno/BN regime and as a group, take over the government, whether state or federal.

“Membership is open to Sabah and Sarawak-based political parties, and autonomous Peninsular-based parties, while leadership is by consensus,” he said.