Dr. Mahathir’s intended mishap malady with PERKASA

Wong Mun Chee

Seriously, do you think Perkasa has even an iota of intelligence to organize a CNY celebration to counter the skepticism of the Non-Malay community in Malaysia.

PERKASA is nothing but a bunch of field soldiers at the helm of Dr. Mahathir, the leader of the ‘3M’ to rock the boat for Najib Abdul Razak.

Even a normal citizen like me, knows that an ang pow is never given in any other color other than red for the Chinese community, what more for seasoned politicians who keep licking the ass of the voters when they need their voters.  

This is a very clever plot initiated to taint Najib Abdul Razak, for he is seen to condone and blessed with the antic of PERKASA for the benefit of the ‘3M’. Dr Mahathir is not just an ordinary personality, this is the guy who wielded the iron shield to protect only his interest and his agenda.

PERKASA is nothing but a tool for Dr Mahathir as we now see the statement by the MCA Youth Secretary-General Dato’ Chai Kim Sen in detesting  the act of PERKASA in handing out white envelopes for CNY, courtesy of Najib.   

Najib should be wary as the knives are out there in the form of Dr Mahathir, as the enemy within his own UMNO will ensure his demise.

The power struggle of the UMNO political hegemony is not new, then it was window dressed, these days, it is pretty obvious as seen in this episode.

PERKASA unlike HINDRAF, a movement of people’s conscience is a toothless tiger without Dr Mahathir, yet the friction is to place the pawns in their right places to achieve only what Dr Mahathir wants. That is the trade of this man and his field soldiers. There is no loyalty or conscience, only loyalty is power to the great Dr. Mahathir’s agenda.   

I maybe wrong in my analogy, but what the hell, Malaysians are full of gossip, let this be one for the Kedai Mamak kopi time.