Debat Negara Islam – Syariah vs Sekular

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Atheists reject the Sharia Law as it is currently being applied in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other States of the Islamic world, and propose that Sharia Law per se negates human rights. Muslims of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community show the atheists that their premise is wrong, and that Sharia Law is NOT being applied in Muslim countries, and that on the contrary, the intelligently-made laws of the Qur’an are being abused and distorted by rulers and Islamic scholars of so-called Muslim countries.

The debate was held on 8th December 2011 at University College London, and this is the recording made by Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International (for original video, go to : Ahmadi Muslims Debate Sharia Law with One Law for All (Maryam Namazie) at UCL ).

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Also, read the clear PROHIBITION, made by the Imam al-Mahdi, of armed JIHAD at this present time, here:

The Imam al-Mahdi was sent by God to reform Muslims who are divided into dozens of sects and sub-sects, and to bring them back to the TRUE ISLAM in which there is:
– No extremism,
– No violence,
– No hate-preaching,
– No death threats,
– No Saint-intercession of the Sunnis,
– No Jinn-possession of the Salafis,
– No fighting,
– No superstition or irrationality, which form part of the beliefs of ALL Muslims,
– No false propaganda, e.g. that made by the enemies of the Ahmadiyya Community,
– No abrogation of Qur’anic verses, as believed by ALL Muslims
– No insulting of the Holy Wives and Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as practised by Shi’ites,
– No death penalty for apostasy,
– No death penalty for adultery,
– No death penalty for homosexuality,
– No disrespect to honoured religious leaders of all faiths,
– No desecration of places of worship.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the only true representative of Islam today. All its practices are derived from those of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Ahmadi Muslims are the only ones to explain the Qur’an, Sunnah and Hadith in a rational way. All other Muslims have been fooled by their Imams and ‘Ulama into holding irrational beliefs and religious practices which the Holy Prophet (pbuh) did not introduce.

Everyday, Muslims around the world are suffering and even losing their lives due to the horrendous interpretations their scholars make of the Sharia. When Muslims accept the interpretation of the Imam al-Mahdi, all their human rights abuses will come to an end. It is to the true Islam that the Imam al-Mahdi has called the whole world, so that people who are not protected by their Churches, Mosques or Temples against child abuse, people who are not protected by their laws against domestic violence or economic ruin, and people whose generations are being decimated by alcoholism, sex, drugs and crime, can all find real peace and communion with the True God, the Creator of the Universe, in the haven of security and love that is the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

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